Nanobots – They Might Be Giants (IdleWild)

That’s right. 25 tracks. TMBG make the most of this, their sixteenth album.  They’re back to making adult alternative music with their characteristic goofiness, but the silliness of their music seems to have been amplified by their time with children’s music.  Their sound is great and original, as always; despite celebrating their 31st year together, TMBG comes through with another fantastic and very new album.  It holds that characteristic 90′s alt sound (‘Circular Karate Chop’), but simultaneously reflects the recent trend toward indie and folk music (‘Black Ops’).  9 of this album’s 25 songs are small clips under 1 minute in length.

Matthew Heller – Matthew Heller (self-released)

Matthews Heller’s self-released, self-titled album is passionate, soulful, and grungy.  Heller brings classic rock sensibilities and structures to his songs, which vary from the fast-paced and yelloy to the slow and ballady.  With more exposure to this type of music, I could probably say more, but let’s say I enjoyed this album, found it entertaining and substantial, and recommend it.

12 Bit Blues – Kid Koala (Ninja Tune)

Kid Koala combines traditional blues chord progressions with all kinds of sound effects including turntable spinning, voice distortion, autotune-like voice parts.  All this makes for an interesting sound.

Woman – Rhye (Polydor)

Goodness me, I love this album.  I was first introduced with the single ‘The Fall’ and fell instantly in love with Milosh’s delicate and intimate countertenor.  That’s really what I adored about Woman: its intimacy.  The understated bass grooves behind the fog of gossamer vocals wrap one up in a blanket and whisper in the ear.  Don’t just stick to the tracks you’re familiar with, branch out because each song has some other color of satin to envelop the listener.  Except for ‘One of Those Summer Days’, it’s meh.

Ingredients – The Basics (MGM)

This is really awesome! I don’t know what to call it, but it feels very 50′s with a New Wave swing to it that had me tapping along the whole time.  Of course they make good music, they’re Aussies!  Total primary rotation goodness, great rockin’ style!