Woman – Rhye (Polydor)

Goodness me, I love this album.  I was first introduced with the single ‘The Fall’ and fell instantly in love with Milosh’s delicate and intimate countertenor.  That’s really what I adored about Woman: its intimacy.  The understated bass grooves behind the fog of gossamer vocals wrap one up in a blanket and whisper in the ear.  Don’t just stick to the tracks you’re familiar with, branch out because each song has some other color of satin to envelop the listener.  Except for ‘One of Those Summer Days’, it’s meh.

Ingredients – The Basics (MGM)

This is really awesome! I don’t know what to call it, but it feels very 50’s with a New Wave swing to it that had me tapping along the whole time.  Of course they make good music, they’re Aussies!  Total primary rotation goodness, great rockin’ style!

Young Buffalo EP – Young Buffalo (Atlantic)

Oxford, MS indie rockers Young Buffalo make an awesome showing on their self-titled EP.  A massive sound is present despite the band’s having only two members, both of whom are great musicians and songwriters.  The vocals are great and the guitar work is very original.  If Young Buffalo keeps up the good work, they could make it big; their sound is very clean and professional in addition to being very accessible and enjoyable.  The only real “weak” track is k2, as all the others are exceptional, especially k3 and k4.