Little Green Cars – Absolute Zero (Glassnote Records)

I really like this album.  Absolute Zero did not have a bad song on it in my opinion.  I kept finding myself listening to the album on repeat.  Some songs aren’t as strong as others, and I wouldn’t say every song on this album is amazing, but overall the album was solid.  The song Red and Blue is interesting because it is a total break in the middle of the album.  The song is totally different from the other songs on the album so it kind of disturbs its flow.  This is probably because of “The John Wayne” alone.  That song is amazing.  It is the best song by far, and I feel like it will become a pretty well-known song in the future.  -David Botschner 4/13/13

Wondrous Bughouse – Youth Lagoon (Fat Possum)

This album feels like floating through cartoon space. It’s like The Flaming Lips and Spiritualized went on a Magical Mystery Tour together. I’m not 100% into the vocals, which sound a little wimpy and annoying at times (like “The Bath”). Sometimes they seem a little passionless and just obnoxious. But I dig the instrumentals. With reverbed vocals and synths galore, the atmosphere is here in spades. That and the occasional psychedelic bursts make for a pretty listen, albeit one that I probably won’t be revisiting often.

Nick Klinc 3/13/13

The Traditional Fools – The Traditional Fools (In the Red)

If you’re looking for old-school lo-fi surf-noise-garage-punk, look no further than The Traditional Fools.  Ty Segall’s ambitious 2008 album is getting a re-release in 2013, and thank goodness for it! This album is sick. It rocks hard and fast.  The songs are very very short (1-2 mins) and high-energy. Straight up California garage music.  It’s glorious. Hooks you on the first song and never lets go.  A sound like this is rare nowadays.  -Austin Lyons, 3/12/13

Overgrown – James Blake (Republic)

James Blake’s 2013 release picks up right where he left off last time, with syncopated rhythms, his distinctive pitch-shifting croon, and plenty of bass. RZA drops a verse on the surprisingly good “Take a Fall for Me” while songs like “Overgrown” and “Retrograde” show off how good Blake’s vocal chops and pop sensibilities have gotten. “Voyeur” and “Life Round Here” are ready for the dance floor. Good stuff here.

Zach Shealy 8/21/13

Kate Nash – Girl Talk (Have 10p Records)

So Kate Nash is basically the best thing ever.  Seriously.  Now, this album is a little bit different from her previous two – she went sort of 90s Riot Grrl – but I think it works. A lot. This is something I’ll most probably  play on my show at some point.  So go put this in rotation. -Erica Comer, 3/13

Victim of Love – Charles Bradley (Dapton Records)

If you like some funk and some groove in your life then you best listen to this because Bradley’s got some major soul. Definitely reminiscent of 80′s soul music, i.e. James Brown. Really cool stuff – I recommend this for a funk show.

Lance Lehman 04/02/13

No Doubt “Push and Shove” Their Way Back into the Spotlight

The last time No Doubt came out with an album, the year was 2001.  Modern staples like the iPhone and Facebook weren’t even ideas yet, Barack Obama was a virtually unknown name, and Justin Bieber had probably just lost his first tooth.

Needless to say, the culture in which No Doubt finds itself today is worlds away from the music scene they dominated in the 90s, which means the band needs some its strongest work yet to win over this new generation of listeners. It’s unfortunate then that Push and Shove, while a thoroughly pleasant listen, may not be the home-run they need to put them back on top.

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Animal Collective Return in Full, Freaky Force

Evaluating an Animal Collective album is a daunting task.  Whereas a couple of spins of most artists’ records will give you a good sense of their charms, hearing any of Animal Collective’s work just a few times is barely scratching the surface.  If first impressions hold true, however, the journey on which fans are about to embark with the band’s latest full length, Centipede Hz, stands to be as rewarding as any Animal Collective has sent them on before.

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