General Manager: Logan Wilke

Office Hours: Fridays 12-1pm

Hey guys! I’m currently a junior from the cornfields of Indiana studying Sociology, English, and Corporate Strategy. I’ve been a part of WRVU since my freshman year, and while I listen to an inordinate volume and variety of music, I’ve lately been into the DIY, undiscovered garage & bedroom pop kinda stuff from the depths of Bandcamp. I’m incredibly excited to see what we can do this year to make the station the best that it can be.


zach-shealyProgram Director: Zach Shealy

Office Hours: Mondays 8-9pm

I’m Zach Shealy, a senior out of Macon, GA studying Math and Economics. I’ve been DJ’ing with WRVU since freshman year, playing electronic, hip hop, jazz, and more. Nashville offers endless opportunities for music discovery, and I look forward to continuing and expanding WRVU’s role in town and on campus. As Program Director, I am excited to work with every DJ to cultivate a diverse, dynamic mix of programming to entertain and challenge our listeners. Cheers!

unnamed-5Music Director: Mandy Godwin

Office Hours: Mondays 9-10am

I’m a junior from Murfreesboro, TN, studying English and Corporate Strategy.  I keep up with new album releases and enjoy the indie sound of bands like Future Islands and Baths, but folk is my real passion, and I’ve recently been drawn to Montreal-based bands like The Barr Brothers and Genticorum.  When not at the station, you can find me at the Outdoor Rec, renting out camping gear and venturing into the wilderness.

935966_10201941313474001_926660401_nMusic Director: Nick Kline

Office Hours: Thursdays 5-6pm

Hey y’all, I’m Nick Kline. I’m from Lexington, KY and a proud member of the A&S Class of 2016 studying Film Studies & Computer Science. My favorite band is The National, but my tastes are eclectic. A car ride or walk with my iPod on shuffle can go from Jay-Z to Hundred Waters to Joni Mitchell to Isis and keep a smile on my face (and if I wrote this another day, the artists I’d feel like putting down in that list would probably change). I’ve been a DJ since January 2013 and am super excited to begin my first semester as Music Director here at the station. Here at Vanderbilt, I’m also involved with the International Lens Film Series. My favorite WRVU DJ is -redacted-.

10007062_1482560978634570_1446839467_nMusic Director: Patrick Miller

Office Hours: Thursdays 10-11am

I’m a Senior from O little town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania majoring in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Global/Transnational History. My musical tastes probably lie somewhere between the Talking Heads and A Tribe Called Quest, whatever that means. Some of my other interests include jogging, lawn sports, and Adventure Time.  I am super excited to be back on e-staff this year as a Music Director, come to my office hours please.


hollyPublicity Director: Holly McKee

Office Hours: Mondays 5-6pm

I’m a Nashville native and a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, double-majoring in Art History and Philosophy. I am thrilled to be returning for my fourth (and, sadly, final) year on staff here at WRVU Nashville. My taste in music is pretty diverse and I’m always up for going to a show. I can be found in the office at odd hours, usually equipped with a bad joke and blaring St. Vincent or The War on Drugs.

imageOutreach Coordinator: Jillian Stein

Office Hours: TBD

I’m a junior from Clearwater, FL studying history and music. I worked as a DJ and producer of a 60′s rock and folk show at a Tampa FM radio station and am psyched to be on staff at WRVU! I’m a singer/songwriter and guitarist and am minoring in voice at Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music.  My musical roots are in 60′s and 70′s artists, but my branches are all over the place. I own an embarrassing amount of White Stripes and Jack White paraphernalia. Bob Dylan, Brandi Carlile, My Morning Jacket, Donovan, and Neil Young are just a few of my favorites. Let’s spin some records!


rossEvents Coordinator: Ross Nicol

Office Hours: Tuesdays 10-11am

I am a junior from San Diego, California majoring in music and business. In the next two years, I hope to dive more into the Nashville scene, start a band, and continue my involvement with WRVU. As events coordinator, I look forward to bringing the best in new music and live performances to our station!


10409776_10203516515587623_2943734934167988496_nOnline Director: Austin Lyons

Office Hours: Wednesdays 12-1pm

I’m a junior from just up the road in Bowling Green, KY, currently pursuing a double major in Chinese and Economics and trying to snag a Music minor. I enjoy doing hood rat things with my friends, but on campus I usually can be found singing with the Melodores and slumming around the new Delta Tau Delta house. I spent the past summer in the south of France and then rocking out at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago. This will be my second year on the WRVU Staff and I’m very excited to get back at it!

Multimedia Director: Ryan Kulpins

Office Hours: TBD

10339665_10204029258040118_8930466286158624737_nTraining Director: Hillary Good

Office Hours: Sundays 5-6pm

I’m a junior hailing from Berkeley, California double-majoring in Film Studies and Human & Organizational Development. While I’m often the designated DJ on long road trips, I am no music genius. My musical taste could best be described as earthy-folksy-indie pop with a dash of soul and a hint of angst.  As training director, I always enjoy adding new DJs to the WRVU family!

2840_1104664742152_5510764_nGraphic Art Director: Will Doran

William Doran was born with great fanfare into a family. He was the first and last of the truely [sic] great men, peering over the wasteland of humanity and repeatedly sucker-punching its underbelly with réveils of tite TITE new swag. Watch out, watch out. When he isn’t busy demanding respect, he studies Physics among the modern giants, who can barely expel a gravelly “wowzers” before being inexorably struck by his casual displays of insurmountable affability. The first emissions of his show “Apple Q” have exceeded the grasp of heliocentric orbits and are now approaching our second-nearest star.

Office Hours: TBD

Archive Director: Erica Comer

Office Hours: Tuesdays 2-3pm

Photo on 3-27-14 at 2.35 PMOffice Manager: Heather Jackson

Office Hours: Tuesdays 6-7pm

Ay-oh. I am toting that sophomore status this year with a very tentative double major in English and Sociology, while trying to add on a handy-dandy minor in corporate strategy. I was born and raised in the heart of the bluegrass, and I spend my days watching “I Love Lucy” reruns and my nights at grimy concert venues. My music tastes are often silly and sporadic, but lately I find myself screaming lyrics to a lot of folk punk and going weak in the knees for quality indie pop. I contain all of the excitement to join the oh so elite WRVU staff this year!