General Manager: Logan Wilke

Office Hours: 2-3pm Monday

Hey guys! I’m currently a senior from the cornfields of Indiana studying Sociology, English, and Corporate Strategy, and have been a part of WRVU since my freshman year. Although I at one point listened to an inordinate volume and variety of music, I spent this past summer living in Miami and consequently am only able to process sounds either produced by Diplo or featuring Pitbull. Despite my new dis(?)ability, I’m incredibly excited to continue doing everything I can to help make the station the best it can be while providing the best opportunities possible for everyone involved.


IMG_0402Program Director: Roshan Poudel

Office Hours: 5-6pm Monday

Hey everyone! I am a junior from Lafayette, LA currently studying Neuroscience and Philosophy. I saw a Facebook post advertising WRVU my freshman year, and it was love at first sight. We have been going strong for two years now, and I am looking forward to another exciting year together. This year I hope to find new ways to expand the blog so that it can continue to complement our already world-famous radio DJ’ing. If you ever have a cool idea for the blog or just want to hang out, feel free to come by my office hours.

935966_10201941313474001_926660401_nMusic Director: Nick Kline

Office Hours: 4-5pm Thursday

Hey y’all, I’m Nick Kline. I’m from Lexington, KY and a proud member of the A&S Class of 2016 studying Film Studies & Computer Science. I love all kinds of music. A car ride or walk with my iPod on shuffle can go from Tom Waits to Robyn to Converge to Sleater-Kinney and keep a smile on my face (and if I wrote this list another day, the artists would probably change). This is my 4th year as a DJ and 2nd year as Music Director. When not DJing, you’ll probably see me at the Belcourt. My favorite WRVU DJ is -redacted-.

809Music Director: Travis Villatoro

Office Hours: 12 -1pm Wednesday

Hey folks! I’m Travis Villatoro, a junior studying mechanical engineering. I’ve been a DJ here at WRVU since my freshman year but I’m excited to say that this will be my first time serving as one of the station’s music directors. I currently host a show with fellow E-staffer, Heather Jackson, where we play an hour’s worth of music to have sex to each week. Please come drop by the station during our show or my office hours so we can get schwifty.

H4hHKIEy_400x400Music Director: Brett Tregoning

Office Hours: 11am -12pm Monday

I’m a senior from the DC area of Maryland majoring in physics and math.  My music taste is centered mostly on rock, electronic, and hip hop with some pop thrown in.  Pretty much everything from Kanye West to Godspeed You! Black Emperor to Boards of Canada.  I became a DJ here in winter 2014 and some of my other interests include movies, video games, and cartoons (read: Rick and Morty).  I’m always down to talk about music, so come visit me at my office hours!


Publicity DireIMG_1343ctor: Julia Anderson

Office Hours: 2-3pm Tuesday

I’m a junior from Northern Virginia majoring in Economics with minors in Spanish and Corporate Strategy. I grew up listening to my mom’s favorite classic rock music and have branched out into more diverse (and frankly, weirder) genres since then. Nashville’s music scene has been a dream come true and you can likely find me jamming out at a local venue several times a month.


IMG_1622Online Director: Ellen Marie Andrews

Office Hours: 9- 10am Thursday

Hey everybody! I’m a fun-loving junior studying neuroscience here at Vandy. I was born and bred in San Antonio, TX, which is just another way of saying I am a die-hard Spurs fan and a snob when it comes to Tex-Mex cuisine. After two years with wrvu, I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the e-staff this semester. You can usually catch me listening to Dr.Dog, Fleet Foxes, Broken Bells, or This American Life. Tune into my show, Some Things Considered, or drop by my office hours to hear some corny jokes!


WRVU pic
Training Director: Laura Hillsman

Office Hours: 10-11am Monday

My name is Laura Hillsman, and I’m from Newtown, PA. I’m majoring in Communication Studies with hopefully a dual minor in sociology and corporate strategy. I listen to all different types of music, although I lack a lot of the more esoteric musical knowledge here. I’m new on the e-staff this year and I’m very excited to get the opportunity to work with you all!

1507137_10203229711528921_3023908505721274960_nGraphic Art Director: Will Doran

Office Hours: 1-2pm Monday

William Doran was born with great fanfare into a family. He was the first and last of the truely [sic] great men, peering over the wasteland of humanity and repeatedly sucker-punching its underbelly with réveils of tite TITE new swag. Watch out, watch out. When he isn’t busy demanding respect, he studies Physics among the modern giants, who can barely expel a gravelly “wowzers” before being inexorably struck by his casual displays of insurmountable affability. The first emissions of his show “Apple Q” have exceeded the grasp of heliocentric orbits and are now approaching our second-nearest star.

11221632_868728983218978_2906547584702768367_nArchive Director: Erica Comer

Office Hours: 12-1pm Monday

Hey guys. So I’m a senior from Williamsburg, OH majoring in Pschology, Communications, and Women’s and Gender Studies. It’s fine. This is my third (and final, no it’s okay, I’m not crying) year on e-staff and fourth with WRVU. Tune into my show if you want musical whiplash. (P.S. I’m on the left and the other girl is best friend/former trainee, Jessica.)

Photo on 3-27-14 at 2.35 PMEvents Coordinator: Heather Jackson

Office Hours: 9-10pm Thursday

Ay-oh. I am toting that junior status this year with a major in English and a handy-dandy minor in corporate strategy. I was born and raised in the heart of the bluegrass, and I spend my days watching “I Love Lucy” reruns and my nights at grimy concert venues. My music tastes are often silly and sporadic, but lately I find myself screaming lyrics to a lot of folk punk and going weak in the knees for quality indie pop. I contain all of the excitement to continue on the oh so elite WRVU staff this year!