No, the Other LA

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Neutral Milk Hotel

What comes to mind when you think of music from Louisiana? For most, probably not a whole lot. You may be aware of New Orleans as the birthplace of jazz, or the Southern Louisiana favorites of zydeco and Cajun music. Although it is true that these genres have a huge impact on the musical culture of Louisiana, there are a surprising number of artists that do not adhere to these culturally Louisianan genres. I find out more about the rich music scene in my own backyard all the time, and just recently I was informed by a Louisianan friend that many of the members of Neutral Milk Hotel, who just recently sold out the Ryman, are in fact from the quaint town of Ruston, LA. Just to give you all a little taste of the richness I am talking about, I have compiled a list of five artists/bands that give insight into a different spice that Louisiana offers.

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