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Mostly Movie Music

The DJ of this show loves everything alternative music, but also does not want to subject you to his horribly limited music taste. Hence, he’ll subject you to his taste…


Like your music? Scared others won’t?! Us too. Tune in for our anxious presentation of tunes at —— for “auxiety” with Ellen and Lilly

The Friend Zone

*SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN* hey you! *fart sound* Join us in the friend zone – I’m sure it’s your first time! *Wink as loud as you can into…


Leave your room, lie with outstretched limbs on Alumni Lawn, look up at the fluffy clouds, and tap play. Be sanguine.

History Lesson

*vinyl scratch sound* YOU’RE NOW LISTENING TO *car crash sound* HISTORY LESSON *elephant sound* WITH COLIN VESS *explosion sound* WHERE WE PLAY NOTHIN BUT HARDCORE ROCK, ROCK, AND MORE ROCK…


Two words. Listen to Radiogrips. And if you’re wondering, yes it’s a combination of Radiohead and Death Grips, and no, I don’t smell like wet dog when it rains.