5 Reasons why Nobody Beats the Biz (Besides Just a Friend)

We already know it’s wrong to friendzone Biz Markie. As the precursor to the post-quake. This blogger offers 5 more reasons why.

1. He Keeps it Real

Biz Markie covers real topics that affect real people in real life like bowel movements. No actually, his song TSR (Toilet Stool Rap) is about exactly what you think it’s about (mhmm, yes he did). This is a guy who opens his very first album by admitting he picks his nose (and sometimes eats the boogers too). Find me someone realer than that.

2. He can Get Serious Too

The Biz is probably best known for his sense of humor on tracks but let that take no credence from his storytelling ability. He’s just as comfortable discussing doo-doo as he is describing the ills of the drug trap. Peep the dedication to his man Rich.

3. The Dude is Hilarious!

Did I mention Biz Markie is known for his humor? Oh I did already? Well that’s how you know it’s real. Plus, who else in hip-hop is covering Elton John? Who does that? Biz Markie does. That’s who.


4. He Beatboxes

More and more frequently, we find MCs who can also hold their own behind the boards as producers. With the Biz we have an MC who can drop jaw-dropping beats with his jaw (or his mouth or whatever). However you want to say it, it’s dope and you have to give the man props for keeping another (often underrated) part of the culture alive.

Brownie points for being for the children

5. Because he Freakin Says So!


And Biz Markie don’t tell no lies.

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