8 Songs to remind us of the Government Shut Down


1. I Want it That Way – Backstreet Boys

Partisan politics never sounded so ‘90s.

2. You Haven’t Done Nothin’ – Stevie Wonder

Stevie originally released this in response to Nixon’s presidency. The sentiments rang true about our congress during the shutdown.


3. Here it Goes Again – Ok Go

The United States with its 17th shutdown since 1977. ‘Merica.

4. We Need a Resolution- Aaliyah

Every economists’ thought since even before the shutdown.

5. Spaceship- Kanye West

Kanye describes the plight of government workers deemed essential in his legendary chorus “I’ve been working that slave shift and I ain’t made sh***”

6. We Can’t Stop- Miley Cyrus

“It’s our party we can do what we want”- The GOP is took Miley’s now famous words to heart during the shutdown. House Republicans apparently altered house rules to keep the senate bill off the table.

7.Apologize – One Republic

Because you’re not really sorry, Congress.

8. No Scrubs – TLC

Congress got no love during the shutdown.


Public Policy Polling showed us that Americans rated the House and Senate below toenail fungus, zombies and dog poop– definite scrubs.


They don’t want you, Congress. (photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons)


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