Artist Spotlight: Emily Hearn

Emily Hearn

Looking for someone to swoon over this Valentine’s Day? What about a song? Fall in love with the sweet melodies of Emily Hearn’s voice. You’ll forget all about your love life as you dive into the music. Emily’s latest single “Found A Heart” from her EP called “Promises” showers love and hope on those of us that are not as fortunately in love as she is. It characterizes the path of her and a guy falling more and more in love up until their wedding day (which is featured in the music video).

Is all this talk about love making you feel like you’ll never find it? Have no fear! Emily wrote her song “Like Ships Need The Sea” before she started dating her husband or had experienced the heart pounding love she now sings about. She wrote based on what she thought love would be like.

Emily was never a wide-eyed little girl dreaming of being a singer-songwriter. In fact, she had such bad stage fright that  in an audition for a school musical she sang a notch above a whisper and her gaze didn’t leave her feet. It wasn’t until her senior year of high school that she first picked up a guitar and learned how to play the 6-stringed beauty. Her freshman year of college she started with a pen and began to write elegant lyrics, leading up to the start of her music career. In 2010 she released her first EP titled “Paper Heart. ” Two years later she put out her first full length album called “Red Balloon.” Now with this EP, “Promises,” she is ready for the world to hear her stories put to music as she made a complete turnaround since her lunchbox days and is no longer scared of the stage, but thrives to play her music for people. She is currently on tour with Green River Ordinance and Elenowen and will be playing at 3rd and Lindsley on March 16th.

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