The evening of Saturday, October 14th welcomed the Los Angeles electro-pop brother-sister duo, Brandon and Savannah Chase, at the Exit/In. The evening cold did not faze attendees of BETWEEN FRIENDS waiting outside the Exit/In. Soon after doors opened crowds eagerly gathered at the stage, quickly eliminating any lingering cold. Rapper Blakethemann1000 opened the show, amping up the room’s energy with each song. During Blake’s set, he revealed that he had once lived in Nashville and played his first show at The End, a venue right across the street from the Exit/In. To show his appreciation for Music City, he played a special song tailored specifically for the Nashville show, titled “Nashville Guitar Exit/In”, before wrapping up his set.

BETWEEN FRIENDS at Exit/In on October 14th

As the crowd awaited the main act, the speakers blasted a remix of “Baby Come Back” by Player accompanied by neon lasers that danced across the stage, casting vibrant beams of light in a mesmerizing display of color and motion. From the moment BETWEEN FRIENDS came on stage, the floor was warm and buzzing with excitement. The duo kick-started their performance with “Stalker”, one of the newest songs from their August-released debut album I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy, immediately drawing the audience into moving along with the fast-paced, upbeat chorus. After their energetic start, they played “iloveyou” from their 2018 EP, we just need some time together

The electric exchange in energy between the duo and the audience continued to grow as they played two more songs, “Haircut” and “Lotto,” both from their debut album. There was a momentary shift in mood during the interlude “Sorry,” an aggressive voicemail over a soft instrumental. In an office interview, the duo revealed that the transition from “Sorry” to “What’s up”, an infectious rhythm-driven song, was intentional, done to convey the idea of letting go and moving onto something new. 

After playing a mix of singles and songs from their debut album, Savannah opened up to the audience, sharing her emotional connection to the song “Self destruct.” She invited the audience to sing the first half of the song while Brandon switched over to an acoustic guitar and strummed along. The crowd gladly complied, singing full-heartedly in unison. Even when Savannah and Brandon returned to their mics, the audience’s energy remained unwavering.

BETWEEN FRIENDS at Exit/In on October 14th

The room’s melancholy atmosphere quickly dissipated as the duo launched into “Running on empty” and “Sloppy stella.” The mic was once again turned to the audience, uniting their voices to a collective chorus of “I want you.” multiple times until it earned Brandon’s approval. This led them into their performance of “Bruise.” As the song started, Brandon asked the audience if they knew it. It was evident they did—the audience sang enthusiastically along and shined during the bridge which featured the previously rehearsed line, “I want you.”

Throughout the entire show, the siblings maintained unwavering energy. Savannah spent most of the show dancing across the stage, never once faltering in her stamina or angelic voice, while Brandon, playing the electric guitar, frequently leaned over the stage to engage with the crowd. From the start, the crowd was enamored with the duo’s charisma and talent. However it was one song in particular, that truly set the concert apart. This song, bearing the same name as their latest album, ”I love my girl, she’s my boy”,  transformed the concert into a vibrant nightclub experience. The venue came alive with strobe lights and dancing. During this performance, Brandon even walked off the stage to join the crowd in the pit, highlighting the strong connection the duo had with their fans.

BETWEEN FRIENDS at Exit/In on October 14th

The duo concluded their show with their hit song “affection.” For the third time that night, the mic was turned to the audience to sing the first few lines of the song. Cheers and shouts were let out as Savannah asked “Do you guys want us to play the full song?” The crowd’s anticipation was clear, and they sang louder than they had all night. Before exiting the stage, Brandon and Savannah expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the Nashville scene—their first electrifying performance in the city. 

BETWEEN FRIENDS’ recent performance was a testament to their vibrant energy, heartfelt connection with the crowd, and infectious music. I am eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to catch their next act. This talented brother-sister duo is a must-see for fans of the electro-pop genre, and it’s clear they have an exciting musical journey awaiting both them and their fans.

Listen to I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy here: