Trying to recreate the success they enjoyed during the 70s and 80s and give their fans more music to enjoy, Electric Light Orchestra has just released their fourteenth studio album: From Out Of Nowhere. The album came very shortly after it was announced, releasing only a month after the lead single and title track “From out of Nowhere” was dropped. The album is only 10 songs long coming in at a runtime of just 32 minutes. While some may be disappointed with how relatively short this new record is, I personally think it doesn’t detract from the album at all and might even make it a more consistent and better listening experience.

As for the songs themselves, Jeff Lynne seems to have given fans exactly what they wanted. The album is a really fun listen and is filled with the classic, nostalgic ELO vibe that made their music famous to begin with. The song “Time of Our Life”, my personal favorite on the album, perfectly recreated the upbeat energy that made hit songs like “Mr. Blue Sky” so good. The song even references other ELO hits like “Telephone Line” which makes for a nice moment of nostalgia. The tracks definitely feel a little less orchestral than their previous work, but that is somewhat understandable as the band has lost some of its former members. Jeff Lynne’s voice seems to have help up very well. It’s easy to tell the band isn’t trying to match the wide vocal range they would reach on earlier records, but the vocals on this record are still very clean and match their unique style. 

Most importantly, the album still manages to feel like an ELO album and the songs off this record could have easily fit on previous projects in their discography. The album showcases a mix of all the sounds ELO has developed in their time together. From bluesy rock songs like “One More Time”, to more grand pop songs like “Time of Our Lives”, and hypnotizing melodic rock songs like “Down Came the Rain” and “Losing You”, there is something for every ELO fan on this album. A lot of bands from the 70s and 80s try to make a comeback record that attempts to reinvent or recapture their sound with modern technology only to fail and not sound anything like they used to. Thankfully, ELO managed to deliver an album that may not be remembered as one of their best works, but will still be enjoyed by many. I personally really enjoyed this album and heavily recommend giving it a listen.