Valentine Fritz and Trevor Dering of Fiji Blue

I recently had the privilege to sit in on WRVU’s music director Ashley Roh’s interview with the indie chill-house duo, Fiji Blue, composed of singer/guitarist Trevor Dering and producer/drummer Valentin “Val” Fritz. If there’s one thing you’ll notice about the duo, it’s the color blue. From their name to their single covers, and in their music videos, blue is their aesthetic–a critical part of what defines Fiji Blue. To Dering and Fritz, blue is simple, beautiful, and keeps them grounded. It’s a reminder to be true to themselves, and if you listen to their lyrics, you might just feel a little blue yourself. But don’t let that fool you, Fiji Blue’s unique mesh of house, pop, crisp production, and smooth, RnB influenced vocals make for a sunny summer day vibe, with songs like “I Should’ve Told You” (which I could definitely hear at a Lululemon) or their more house based “Day by Day” which has pulsing synth waves and upbeat drums that make it hard not to bob your head to the beat. 

WRVU’s very own interview with Fiji Blue

The two met at a party while attending the Berklee School of Music, and with Val being a producer and Trevor a writer, they decided to write a song together and connected from that point on. Trevor almost didn’t go to the party that led to the conception of Fiji Blue, though, as he was dealing with a tough breakup, foreshadowing the duo’s more reflective and emotional lyrical themes. Both Trevor and Val have dealt with many challenging moments in their lives, and have been able to use music to express their feelings, as well as to show that it’s okay to be vulnerable and to talk and find comfort in others. Despite this, the two are incredibly enthusiastic and exhibit contagious chemistry, feeding off each other’s energy, which was especially evident when they gave us a snippet of their new single, “It Takes Two.” When brought up, Val swiftly picked up a ukulele, Trevor laughed, shrugged and they began playing. “It Takes Two” is the latest single to their upcoming EP. It has one of the more intricate instrumentals of their catalog, featuring a groovy bass line during each verse, leading to a more stripped and airy pre-chorus, focusing on the vocals, then leading up to the chorus which has what sounds like muted finger picking on guitar and a subtle, glittering synth in the background that reminds me of the Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears.”

Another thing that makes “It Takes Two” distinct is its music video. Val and Trevor are keen on a vintage vibe, which they are able to achieve with their VHS camera, Cassandra. Each video has an indie throwback look to it, prominently featuring the beautiful blue California sky. “It Takes Two” is no different, but it’s also their first high production video. It perfectly fits their personalities: two goofy guys, passionate about what they do, trying to convey deep emotions with dance-y music. Their depiction of tennis as a symbol for a relationship, in how it takes two to make a thing go right, allows for their quirky side to shine. Although, Trevor may not want his fans to know too much about him, as he is quoted as saying, “Can’t wait to smell some celebrities,” (was this taken out of context? Maybe, but for all you know, he definitely wasn’t asked about the best smelling celebrities or being sarcastic at all). Go check out “It Takes Two,” available on all streaming platforms and YouTube, and get ready for their debut EP this May!