Considering South by Southwest’s dizzying size, it’s no surprise that this year’s mammoth festival-conference-conglomerate will feature roughly fifty Nashville-based bands and musicians. (That’s not including countless Nashville-based “unofficial” artists making the trek to SXSW, of course.)

If there is a festival that truly has something for everyone, it’s definitely SXSW–perhaps for its sheer scale alone. Check out some of the Nashville-based artists we’re most excited to see in Austin this year:

Twen: angular, enchanting, earwormy. Not your dad’s psychedelic rock.

William Tyler: soft, emotional, some classic Nashville charm.

Dreamer Boy: listening to them kind of feels like resting on a cloud.

Faux Ferocious: punky, fun rock. Can’t go wrong.

Melanie Faye: Melanie went viral in 2017 for her guitar skills and now plays awesome funky R&B.

Snake Cheney*: constant bops. Essentially, RIYL Homeshake and Jerry Paper.

Nordista Freeze*: upbeat, energetic tunes from one of the most ubiquitous performers in Nashville’s DIY scene.

Future Crib*: self-described ” jangle pop boppy rock” that will make you smile.

*unofficial showcases