Jake Bugg’s New Single, Slumville Sunrise

Courtesy of nme.com

With his album Shangri La coming out November 18, Jake Bugg has released the second official single titled Slumville Sunrise. His new album will feature artists such as Jason Lader, Pete Thomas, and Pete Thomas.

Much like his other single What Doesn’t Kill You (read my post here about it), Slumville Sunrise is a punk rock track showcasing Bugg’s electric guitar skills in contrast to his largely acoustic self-titled debut album. Slumville Sunrise  is remarkably mesmerizing and catchy, with Bugg’s distinctive vocals and down to earth character cutting through the rough music to deliver a song about mornings on tour. Bugg states that this track is much more heavier than the rest of his album, but he wanted to deliver a new sound for his listeners, to “throw them for a loop,” because after all, music is about breaking rules.

I don’t have much to say about this track except it’s just as good as if not better than What Doesn’t Kill You, with a fast forward-moving melody and foot-tapping beat. Take a listen to the track below, and make sure to watch the accompanying video because it’s hilarious and so typically British.

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