Kishi Bashi Stops By WRVU Studio

Kishi Bashi performs for WRVU on Thursday.
Kishi Bashi performs at WRVU.


Last Thursday, WRVU hosted Kishi Bashi for an in-studio performance ahead of his Cannery Ballroom show that evening. The acclaimed chamber pop solo artist, real name K Ishibashi, played three stripped-down songs from his 2014 album Lighght: “Bittersweet Genesis for Him AND Her”, “Q&A”, and “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!”. You can check out the three-song performance below via RVU Records.

The full in-studio, including some between-song chatter with Ishibashi and WRVU, is available at the WRVU Bandcamp. To produce the multipart string arrangement you hear him singing over, he layered several violin parts (and some beatboxing!) through a sequencer. Since he recorded each part separately, those of us in the studio heard an interestingly segmented version of what went out to our stream.

We had lots of fun bringing in Kishi Bashi, and we’re super excited to follow his music wherever he takes it. Shortly after stopping by Nashville, Kishi Bashi performed with his band on David Letterman.

Host Will Doran hands over some Kishi Bashi themed cupcakes. Fortunately he claimed to be on a diet, so WRVU still got to eat them.
WRVU delivers a surprise gift: Kishi Bashi cupcakes, a handwritten note, and a vintage beanie baby.

A big thank you to our friends at RVU Records for producing the performance and interview. We’d also like to thank WRVU’s Will Doran and Jordan Pittman for hosting, Gracie Gonzalez for photos, and Heather Jackson for coordinating everything. We’ve got some more great artists coming in soon — stay tuned right here at!

Thank you Kishi Bashi!!
We love you Kishi Bashi!!