Spring Break and Hideaway

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Spring Break is nearly here for the students! With less than two weeks until the unofficial halfway point of the semester and the weather warming up from the 30’s to the 60’s, the latter half of February is looking pretty good! I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I’ve been having a hard time finding some new dance tunes to pump me up for the break (if you have any send them my way!). But luckily for you all, I’m about to introduce a new artist by the name of Kiesza and her breakout tune Hideaway.

Kiesza is a new face in the dance/electronica scene and no wonder…she’s been busy being trained as a ballerina, participating in beauty pageants, sailing to Hawaii, and serving in the Canadian Navy! Now tell me she doesn’t have the most diverse set of interests you’ve ever heard of. In her younger years Kiesza trained to be a professional ballet dancer, and although those dreams didn’t exactly come true, you can see she still retains much of her skills in her newly released Hideaway music video. And, in case you’re blind, she’s absolutely gorgeous, making it no surprise that she participated in a beauty pageant. What is surprising however is she entered the pageant on the side during her time serving as a codebreaker for the Canadian Navy. Just to add to her list of accomplishments, Kiesza, in an interview with MistaJam of BBC Radio 1xtra, nonchalantly mentioned that one of her hobbies is sailing, and her greatest sailing feat was having successfully sailed from Canada to Hawaii.

As if all that wasn’t enough, she just has to have an amazingly fresh and catchy voice, with her new single Hideaway breaking dance floors and earphones all around the UK and the US.

Ballet moves, urban 80’s vibes, and a retro electro voice all in one video below:

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