The Delta Saints – Death Letter Jubilee (Self-released)

Our neighbors from Belmont, the Delta Saints, have created a distinctly Southern debut album.  Death Letter Jubilee is a rock album soaked in moonshine and served at some dimly lit Nashville bar.  The Delta Saints’ rollicking album results directly in foot tapping and head-nodding thanks to Ben Ringel’s soulful vocals and Dylan Fitch’s driving guitar.  Death Letter Jubilee should be blasted out of a Mardi Gras float, especially “Death Letter Jubilee” and “Boogie.”  The thumping Southern beats are cut by the haunting “Out to Sea” (think The Avett Brothers) and “River” (think a 1930s Mississippi porch front).  A little swampy, a little bluesy, and definitely soulful.  -Hillary Good 4/11/2013

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