Turkey Jerky Jam Artist Highlight: BOYSCOTT

Check 'em out on facebook.
Check ’em out on facebook.

Our next WRVU Turkey Jerky Jam artist highlight is Boyscott. Oh boy. These guys are something real special, folks.

Boyscott is Nashville based, by way of Montclair, New Jersey. Their sound is characterized by playful, lo-fi vocals over upbeat, just-faded-enough tracks. Enticingly smooth at first, their layered landscape at closer glance has a world of complexity and unique underlying sounds to pick apart.

From danceable tracks to slower tunes, Boyscott’s truly got a little something for everyone. Check out their bandcamp here. Be sure to listen to “Blonde Blood” and “Nova Scotia 500.” They’ll be playing fourth in our lineup Thursday night–which you can check out on the facebook event.