A Healthy Playlist: “Fruit Salad”

courtesy of Ellen Scott of metro.co.uk / Getty
Listening to this playlist is the equivalent of beaming over a big ol’ fruit salad. (Photo courtesy of Ellen Scott of metro.co.uk / Getty)

For some people, salad–especially fruit salad–is really fun to eat. Just search “person eating salad” on Google and you’ll see that 9 out of 10 results feature inexplicably jovial individuals brandishing a bowl of salad in one hand and admiring a tomato or a tuft of lettuce speared on a fork held in the other.

However, as exhilarating as it may be to eat salad, it’s even more fun to listen to it.

Obviously I don’t mean “listen to it” in the literal sense (such as asking a mixture of Romaine and mandarin oranges whether or not you should drop out of law school), but rather listen to it in the form of a fruits-and-vegetables-inspired playlist.

Don’t: grab a lettuce head, hold it up to your ear like a magic conch shell, and ask for relationship advice.

Do: check out my playlist “Fruit Salad” for your daily serving of fruit, vegetables, and good tunes: