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History Lesson

*vinyl scratch sound* YOU’RE NOW LISTENING TO *car crash sound* HISTORY LESSON *elephant sound* WITH COLIN VESS *explosion sound* WHERE WE PLAY NOTHIN BUT HARDCORE ROCK, ROCK, AND MORE ROCK…


Music comparable to: sunburns, enmity, attempted catharsis, quaintness, silence, locked hips, jaws, and other joint pains. Ecco4k (A sammysworld Subsidiary).


I want you to shut your eyes and listen closely. Think back, dig real deep, picture the times when you were just a little kid. Those good ol’ days when…

Nulling the Void

The void! An infinite vacuum of space and time. Dive in face first with me and quickly realize there’s no escape from the ostentatiousness of college radio! New themes every…

Nostalgia Train

Songs are artifacts that, at least for me, define important milestones in life. “City Looks Pretty” by Courtney Barnett played during my first approach into BNA while Shore by Fleet…

Turquoise Jeep Rolls Through Nashville

Featuring rappers Flynt Flossy, Yung Humma, Watchyamacallit, and Pretty Raheem, Turquoise Jeep has been blowing up YouTube since they appeared out of nowhere a little over a year ago.
When I discovered this group last summer and shared their videos with my friends, I got so many questions. “Is their hair real?” “What does ‘smang’ mean?” and most often, “Are they serious?” I’m still not completely sure, but it doesn’t matter. No one can deny how unbelievably catchy this music is.