Turquoise Jeep Rolls Through Nashville

Featuring rappers Flynt Flossy, Yung Humma, Watchyamacallit, and Pretty Raheem, Turquoise Jeep has been blowing up YouTube since they appeared out of nowhere a little over a year ago.
When I discovered this group last summer and shared their videos with my friends, I got so many questions. “Is their hair real?” “What does ‘smang’ mean?” and most often, “Are they serious?” I’m still not completely sure, but it doesn’t matter. No one can deny how unbelievably catchy this music is.

When WRVU asked Turquoise Jeep to tell us more about their work, Flynt Flossy said, “We create our own genre, EMB, existing musical beings.” These captivating entertainers gave themselves over completely to the performance and enticed the crowd with their not so subtle sexual overtones and dance moves.

This show gave Turquoise Jeep fans everything they could have asked for. Pretty Raheem started the set with some Usher-like crooning then slowly transitioned into the hit “Cavities.” The entire crowd must have been filled with some devoted TJ fans because everyone was singing along and was going crazy to see this group in real life.
Some highlights of the show included TJ inviting women on stage for lap dances as they performed “Fried or Fertilized,” full audience participation in “Put Your Hands On It,” and of course, their performance of the classic “Lemme Smang It.” There seems to be no limitation to their creativity.
This group gave an incredible performance and it was an amazing experience to see these YouTube videos come to life.

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