Irish Music Is Alive

24075_1167251239917_1787018830_318342_7210598_n copyDidn’t get enough Irish this St. Paddy’s Day?

Yes, I know, St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday. Believe me, I don’t think the holiday should be dragged out any longer (especially after the endless weekend of St. Fratty’s Day celebrations) buttttttt I do think the day after St. Patrick’s day, while the orange and green dust settles, is a great time to discuss Ireland’s impact on modern music.

We all know some pretty popular artists come from that green country overseas (e.i. U2, the Script, the Cranberries) but oftentimes we forget to think about the folk-ish influence that came over with them and before them.  Musicians like Bob Dylan and Amy Winehouse paid tribute to the Irish style by means of those distinctive Irish melodies outlined in songs like “With God On Our Side”

In honor of those great Irish musical pioneers, Ireland’s influence on American musicians, and just the general excitement that Ireland tends to exude, here’s a playlist full of beautiful songs by beautiful Irish people (with only one exception, being a song about Ireland)

Happy listening and happy late St Patrick’s Day!

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