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Alright, spring break is long gone, St. Patty’s Day has past, and Rites is a whole four weeks away, not to mention that the weather in Nashville has been the biggest tease ever, giving us 70 degree weather one day and then cold rainy weather the next. What is there to look forward to anymore??? Well don’t worry, I’ve collected some fresh new remixes for you all to listen to when you’re writing that essay or studying for that quiz. These tunes will get your spirits up and remind you that the weekend is never that far away.

1. Tensnake – Love Sublime (Jonas Rathsman Remix)/ Love Sublime (Duke Dumont Remix): This track was featured on my “Top 5 Electronic Love Songs” blog post around the time of Valentine’s Day, but the Jonas Rathsman Remix is something different. This remix is chill and minimal, and you could probably put it on loop for ages before finally realizing you’ve listen to the track ten times woops. The Duke Dumont remix of Love Sublime is just as good, more upbeat and dance appropriate so I’ll post the links for them both below.

2. Duke Dumont: I Got U ft. Jax Jones (Bondax Remix)/ I Got U ft. Jax Jones (Tensnake Remix): And check out these two remixes of Duke Dumont’s song! The Bondax remix is groovy and happy, bringing to the surface feelings of a carefree summer with the steel drums (more fitting to a top 40 club), while the Tensnake remix features a heavier bass and a slower rhythm but man are the drops absolutely amazing (imagine listening to this one at an underground warehouse party). Would highly recommend you listen to both versions because they both give a very different feel. And in case you get bored of these two remixes, there’s a Jonas Rathsman remix of this track on Duke Dumont’s Soundcloud page…This track isn’t going to get old anytime soon.

3. Adventure Club – Wonder (AndDrop! Jackin Remix): The original track is much more delicate with a prominent piano melody and is quite nice, but the AndDrop! Jackin remix is seriously too good to not share. This remix pushes the tune and turns Wonder into a deep house track with a fast tempo and  a sick drop that will surely stay in your head for days. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

4. The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather (Shaun Frank Club Cover): I know this song is severely overplayed, but it’s still appropriate this time of year in Nashville. Pile on your sweaters, blast this song through your headphones, and let’s make the most of the rest of March.


Keep your head up, the weather’s meant to get warmer soon and you always have the WRVU Bonnaroo Giveaway to look forward to!

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