Music to Match Your Stress Level

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With summer rapidly approaching and the semester nearing its end, we are all being confronted with the fruits of our labor. Some of us have already lined up jobs and internships, and have been working on that final paper all semester long. Some of us have procrastinated on all of those things and are currently freaking out. And above it all we have those second semester seniors with jobs lined up who honestly could not care less about their remaining educational obligations. No matter which category you fall into, however, we have a song to match your mood.

1) You literally have not done anything that you were supposed to

If you fall into this category, you probably have multiple tests and papers due this week if not within the next twenty-four hours. You are probably on your third cup of coffee, and you’re probably going to have to pull an all-nighter. To help keep you awake, I recommend listening to Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. It has 109 beats per minute, which should keep you up and the lyrics should add a nice bit of motivation to your night.

2) You’ve completed some of you work, but you still have a couple things left undone

You might still have another paper to edit this week, but you’re probably doing okay. All you need at this point is some background noise to finish your work to. I recommend Get Lucky by Daft Punk.

3) Forget about schoolwork, you’ve finished all of your papers, studied for your tests, and probably already have a summer job or internship.

Life is looking pretty good for you at this point. To celebrate, I recommend listening to the song It’s Nice to Be Alive by Ball Park Music.

4) You’re a second semester senior.

Honestly, what else is there to say here? At this point, all you really have to do is graduate. So take this moment to celebrate as we at WRVU applaud your achievements. Congratulations!

Have a great summer everyone!