La Sera Impresses on Sunny New Album

It may only be March, but the weather seems to have decided that summer is here, and musicians are beginning to follow suit.  Such is the case with La Sera’s “Sees the Light,” the sophomore release from former Vivian Girl Katy Goodman.  Sweet, wispy vocals and breezy guitar work permeate the album’s 10 tracks, creating a listening experience that is, for the most part, summery bliss.

Lioness Celebrates the Late Amy Winehouse

All “Rehab” jokes aside, the death of Amy Winehouse was a true loss to the music world.  Her blend of Motown, soul, and blues stood apart from everything on the radio, and her distinctively raspy vocals allowed for some powerful self-expression.  Perhaps the saddest part of her passing is the fact that she had such great potential but left so little behind, releasing two studio albums and appearing on a few scattered collaborations during her short career.

Turquoise Jeep Rolls Through Nashville

Featuring rappers Flynt Flossy, Yung Humma, Watchyamacallit, and Pretty Raheem, Turquoise Jeep has been blowing up YouTube since they appeared out of nowhere a little over a year ago.
When I discovered this group last summer and shared their videos with my friends, I got so many questions. “Is their hair real?” “What does ‘smang’ mean?” and most often, “Are they serious?” I’m still not completely sure, but it doesn’t matter. No one can deny how unbelievably catchy this music is.