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Grammy-Eligible Joywave Rocks The Basement East

Atop the dark stage in the large ballroom of Nashville’s The Basement East sit six vintage television sets, arranged in a cultish semicircle. I’m here to see Joywave, the glitchy indie-pop group from Rochester, New York. They’re 10 minutes late. I begin to look at my watch when I hear a dull murmur emerge around the room. As I lift my gaze, I see a single man emerge from the darkness. A dim light illuminates his body from below. I can’t make out his face, but I can see his shirt strikingly clear. On it reads one succinct sentence: “I don’t like corn dogs, but I do like Korn, dawg.”

Interview with Maps & Atlases

Photo courtesy of @mapsnatlases
Photo courtesy of @mapsnatlases

I had the opportunity to watch my favorite band, Chicago-based Maps & Atlases, for the fourth time on Saturday, October 24th at the Basement East in East Nashville. For the first time, however, I had the honor of interviewing the band after they opened for Bobby Bare Jr.

Maps & Atlases played for almost an hour, revisiting old songs from their second EP “You And Me And the Mountain” to their most recent LP, “Beware And Be Grateful.” Only months after former band member Erin Elders left to pursue other opportunities, this was one of the few shows the former quartet has played as a trio.