Music to Fall in Love with on Valentine’s Day

No matter your relationship status, I have tailored six different playlists to be the perfect soundtrack for your February 14th experience.

1. The Lovebirds

This playlist is for people in committed relationships. You’ve been romantically involved for a long time. Quite a long time, actually. Buzzwords like “relationship goals” and “OTP” are commented on every picture you upload to social media platforms. You have had dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day planned for over a month. Celebrate your together-forever love by listening to “The Lovebirds.”


2. The Rocky Road

This playlist is for the “It’s complicated” crew. Maybe you just had a huge fight. Maybe you’re together, but thinking of parting ways. Maybe you’re already on a break. Whatever the situation is, it’s going to a lot more than a couple arrows in the behind from Cupid to revamp your romance. “The Rocky Road” is sure to pump up the passion and remind you why you fell for your significant other in the first place.


3. The New Kids on the Block

This playlist is for the young lovers who have only been on a few dates, or have just recently taken the plunge and decided to DTR. You’re just dipping your toes in the waters of commitment, and Valentine’s Day is that guy at the pool party who doesn’t check to see if you have your phone in your pocket before giving you a hearty shove into the deep end. “The New Kids on the Block” is a life-proof case for your phone, a lifejacket to help you keep your cool.


4. The Sunken Ship

This playlist is optimal for listening to whilst sitting in a dumpster. Because you just got dumped. Learning to be on your own again can be difficult—at first, it may seem like amorous couples are engaging in PDA just to spite you. You may also take to incorporating phrases such as “you’ll rue this, Chris” and “all I need are cats and Netflix and some hard cider” into your everyday speech. If you need to take a night to exhaust your angst and grieve your extinguished flame, tune into “The Sunken Ship.”


5. The Pine Tree

“There, you see her sitting there across the way. She don’t got a lot to say, but there’s something about her. And you don’t know why, but you’re dying to try. You wanna kiss the girl.” –Sebastian the Crab. If you’re pining away, check out “The Pine Tree.”



6. Me, Myself, and I

Lastly, if you are your own Valentine today and every other day of the year and you’re darn proud of that, then this is the playlist for you. Listen to “Me, Myself, and I” if you’re really feelin’ yourself this February. Cheers!