Who is Le Youth?

Photo courtesy of leyouth.com

American DJ and producer Wes James, otherwise better known as Le Youth, first came to fame last summer with his debut track C O O L, a groovy R&B/House track heavily sampling Cassie’s song Me & U. The single received enormous attention on his SoundCloud played and was a huge hit in the UK and Denmark. Since his first single he has only come out with one additional track, a techno dance track named Dance With Me sampling TLC’s No Scrubs (which has been a very popular track for DJs to sample recently) and featuring the young, popular rapper Dominique Young UniqueDance With Me is just as brilliant as his debut single and has received ample attention from listeners and DJs/producers around the globe.

Wes James was born in Toledo, Ohio, moved Seattle after finishing school, moved back to Ohio for a short while, and in 2012 moved to Los Angeles to work on music.  He chose to produce his music under the French monkier Le Youth, and has since demonstrated his impressive skills of sampling and remastering songs through his first two hits, C O O L and Dance With Me, where he mixed R&B tunes with electronic/house beats topping it all off with a hint of nostalgia and old school vibes. We’re not quite sure when his next single is due but his SoundCloud page has been bursting with activity the past few months. He has released remixes of popular dance tunes such as Tensnake’s Love Sublime, Disclosure’s Voices, and Chromeo’s Come Alive.

His music has a way of pulling you into his groovy, slightly retro-ish world of electronic goodness; a first listen to his tracks instantly makes you feel at home and comfortable, there’s no grace period needed for the music to “grow on you” because it’s really that good. His name is already well known among fellow DJs and producers, all he needs is his name to be more widely circulated among listeners like you and me. I’ve come up with a list of my favorites tunes by Le Youth below and I highly recommend you listen to them.

1. C O O L

2. Disclosure – Voices (Le Youth Remix)

3. Sam Smith – Money on My Mind (Le Youth Remix) 

4. Dance With Me (MK Radio Edit) (I really love any remix of MK’s though)

5. C O O L (Ben Pearce Remix)