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10 Songs Meant to Hurt


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You are probably already familiar with the famed “feud” between Sun Kil Moon frontman Mark Kozelek and the rock band War On Drugs, which started when Mark Kozelek became frustrated with the sound from the War on Drugs’ set bleeding onto his own stage at the Ottawa Folk Fest.  The conflict only escalated with Internet exchanges, a couple of unflattering songs by Mark Kozelek, and fuel for the fire provided by the abundance of music websites and blogs commenting on this issue. Some people do not find any kind of humor in Kozelek’s attack and see him as an immature jerk, while others believe that this is simply another case of the media sensationalizing things out of context for the sake of a story. Whatever side you may take, there’s no denying that this beef was unexpected and the relationship between the two parties does not have the rich history that is more typical of these kinds of conflicts. So, we’ll take a look at 10 diss tracks with more personal back-stories than the songs we got from Mark Kozelek. We could easily put in 10 solid hip-hop songs on the list, but instead, we will try to go for some variety and see how wide-spread this phenomenon truly is.

Concert Review: GIVERS Showcase New Work at Exit/In


There was a palpable curiosity concerning GIVERS’ new material at the Exit/In this past Tuesday, October 21st . GIVERS have not released anything since their exuberant debut album, In Light, came on the scene in 2011. After years of waiting, concert-goers were finally treated with what GIVERS have been tinkering away on these past few years.

Some Good Eponymous Albums

 New artists, new albums, and new songs are constantly being produced, and it can get quite confusing keeping track of what you have and have not listened to. But often times, a band comes along and drops an album named after the band itself, making our job of keeping track of it all a bit more easy. It is surprising to see just how many bands have eponymous albums, and below I have compiled a list of just a fraction of the bands that have one. Best part is, if you like any of them you only have to remember one name! Wow!

All About That Bass

On September 18th, virtuosic bass player Victor Wooten premiered his unprecedented electric bass concerto, entitled “The Bass Whisperer: Concerto for Electric Bass and Orchestra”, with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. Often times, it was hard to distinguish where bass ended and Victor began, making the night memorable for everyone in attendance.

9 Songs to Get Ready for Festival Season

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For many students, the opportunity to spend a few days in a sweaty music-frenzy won’t begin until a few weeks after a mind-numbing week of Finals is over with. To get ready for this year’s summer music festival season, I have compiled a list of 10 songs that capture the simple and carefree spirit of festivals like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and others like them.