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What Words Don’t Say: Snarky Puppy at Marathon Music Works

Simply put: the Snarky Puppy show was very sold out. With a packed venue, I thought I was facing a rowdy night, and every trip to the bathroom would be like a salmon swimming upstream. But instead of parting the waves, walking around was like crossing a pond—the fans were so enthralled with the musicians on stage that they didn’t move. Normally there are a good number of people walking back and forth in the pass-through to several of the bars surrounding the periphery of the floor, but the bars were nearly empty. Every patron was squeezed as close to the front as possible, eyes glued to the stage.

Bleachers gets personal at Marathon Music Works

Bleachers, a project of Jack Antonoff’s (guitarist of the notable group FUN. made popular by the hit “We Are Young”), has made an huge splash in the indie pop world in the 3 years they’ve been active. WRVU Nashville had the pleasure of sending two lucky concert-goers free of charge to see Bleachers at their September 13th show at Marathon Music Works.

Catifish Takes Over Marathon

Photo Credit: Haley Brecher
Photo Credit: Haley Brecher

On Saturday night, I experienced one of my favorite concerts in my entire concert-going career with a band that I least expected. While I have seen Catfish and the Bottlemen perform live before and enjoy listening to their music, I would not place them at the top of the list of my favorite artists. However, I promised my friend and favorite concert-buddy Haley that I’d go with her because they were on her bucket list of bands to see live.

Kurt Vile’s Sold-Out Show at Marathon Music Works

Kurt Vile at Marathon Music Works 2/25 (photo courtesy of Alexandra Justice)
Kurt Vile at Marathon Music Works last night (photo courtesy of Alexandra Justice)

Kurt Vile tickets were in such high demand that the show moved from Exit/In to Marathon; they eventually sold out there as well. Everyone, it seemed, was clamoring to see the man behind the deep, droning voice whose b’lieve i’m goin down… rounded out the latest addition to his successful solo career.

Concert Recap: Hibou & Metric

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Before we all stuff ourselves in the spirit of celebration, here’s a belated concert review/interview.

Hibou & Metric – 11/18 – Marathon Music Works

Hibou (seattlemusicnews.com)
Hibou (seattlemusicnews.com)

When’s the last time you went to a concert and the music started ON TIME? That’s what happened last week when Hibou opened for Metric at Marathon Music Works. I wandered in around 8:02 thinking I was early but the band had already begun. I don’t know about you all, but waiting for a concert to begin is my personal hell. Thank you, Hibou, for your punctuality; I promise the audience appreciates it. Hibou played a solid set of songs from their debut album (also called Hibou). I definitely recommend “Above Us” and “Shutter Song”. The group certainly has a lot of energy. Michel, in particular, likes to spin around in circles with his guitar. Above all, they seemed to really enjoy themselves, which I think is the most important thing. After their set, I walked over to the singer and arranged an impromptu interview with the band.

CHVRCHES gives impressive second Nashville performance

Courtesy of Lance Conzett, Nashville Scene
Courtesy of Lance Conzett, Nashville Scene

I feel like I seem to always go to concerts when I’ve gotten minimal to no sleep the night before. This past Tuesday, was no different; when I had finally wrapped up my (incredibly poorly written) lab report at 6 AM after working through the night, I was pretty hesitant about seeing Scottish band CHVRCHES at Marathon Music Works that rainy evening. After a brief hour and a half nap and more cups of coffee than I would like to admit, I decided to forego another couple hours of sleep and make my way to Marathon around 9 PM.

Cold War Kids: A Solid Performance at Marathon Music Works

By a stroke of luck, I ended up winning a pair of tickets to the Cold War Kids’ concert in Nashville this past week through a WRVU giveaway. So, on Friday night, I ventured out to Marathon Music Works to watch their Hold My Home tour. I entered the venue to a surprisingly packed audience. Per usual, I weaseled my way as close as possible to the opening act, Elliot Moss.

Though I missed part of the act, what I did see was exciting. Before the show, I only knew Elliot Moss from his song “Slip,” but I was tingling with anticipation at the thought of seeing the life performance. Marathon Music Works has a tendency to be a loud crowd, and I was worried about his voice fading out amongst the chatter. Instead, Moss set the mood for the rest of the concert. By easing into the concert with his quiet energy, Moss outdid my expectations. My personal favorite of his ended up being “I Can’t Swim.” Definitely be on the look out for more of Elliot Moss in the future — he’s yet to release his upcoming debut album, but Highspeeds is definitely one to watch out for.

A Tale of Two Whales: Mastodon and Gojira Melt Faces at Marathon Music Works

The great metal band Mastodon finally return to Nashville after recording and releasing their sixth studio album, Once More ‘Round the Sun, in nearby Franklin, Tennessee, and this time around they’ve brought some friends, Norwegian metal band Kvelertak and, a band that I’ve really been getting into in the past several months, the French band Gojira.  When I was looking at going to the concert, I actually hadn’t heard of Kvelertak, but a friend of mine described them to me as “blackened hard rock” before the show started.  However, I was excited just to see Mastodon and Gojira on the same bill, and I was not disappointed in the least.

Atlanta-based proggy-sluddgy-gritty metal band Mastodon
Atlanta-based proggy-sluddgy-gritty metal band Mastodon