Call the WRVU e-staff office at:
(615) 322-3691

Request lines:

(615) 322-7625
(615) 421-7625

Twitter requests: include #wrvurequest in your tweet

Snail mail the office at:
Box 9100
Station B
Nashville, TN 37235

Staff Members

General Manager:
Logan Wilke
In Office:  Fridays 12-1pm
 Program Director:
Zach Shealy
In Office:  Mondays 8-9pm
Training Director:
Hillary Good
In Office:  Sundays 5-6pm
Music Director
Mandy Godwin
In Office:  Mondays 9-10am
 Music Director
Nick Kline
In Office:  Thursdays 5-6pm
Music Director
Patrick Miller
In Office:  Thursdays 10-11am
Online Director
Austin Lyons
In Office:  Wednesdays 12-1am
 Events Coordinator
Ross Nicols
In Office:  Tuesdays 10-11am
Graphic Art Director
Will Doran
In Office: TBD
Multimedia Director
Ryan Kulpins  
In Office:  TBD
 Publicity Director
Holly McKee  
In Office:  Mondays 5-6pm
Outreach Coordinator
Jillian Stein
In Office: TBD
 Archive Director
Erica Comer
In Office: Tuesdays 2-3pm
Office Manager
Heather Jackson
In Office: Tuesdays 6-7pm