WRVU Unplugged: Without Vocals

     Maybe you’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bradley Wheaton. You might be aware that he’s a junior in Arts & Sciences, studying Sociology.  What you may not know is that Bradley is the creator and host of WRVU’s show Without Vocals. If you haven’t tuned in yet, get yourself in the mood by imagining this:

You’re driving alone through west Texas, heating lightning in the distance. 300 miles of nothing…somewhere between despair and unseen beauty, an epic expression of soul.

Now, Bradley’s job is to provide a soundtrack for your lonely voyage – and he knows exactly how.

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Portugal. The Man Speak with WRVU and Announce new Cookbook

If there are two things that we at WRVU care about more than music, they’re chicken wings and tortilla soup. Luckily, the guys in Portugal. The Man feel the same way. The band played a whomping 1-hour mega-medley on alumni lawn this weekend for Rites of Spring, stringing their potent original portfolio together with a series of covers, including but not limited to, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’sDay Man” and Oasis’s “Don’t Look Back in Anger.”

But before he and his band had Vanderbilt students singing about “the fighter of the night-man,” Portugal. The Man’s bassist and founding member, Zach Carothers, joined Heather Jackson, Meredith Mattlin, and myself inside WRVU studios to talk about his rap game, his stance on environmentalism, and most importantly his favorite places to eat.

Here’s an audio clip of our talk with Zach:

DJ, Heather Jackson, with Zach Carothers of Portugal. The Man inside WRVU
DJ, Heather Jackson, with Zach Carothers of Portugal. The Man inside WRVU

Additionally, check out this clip of Portugal. The Man covering “Day Man” as an intro to two of their own songs, “So American” and “People Say.”

This is Neat

Last Sunday I hosted a phone interview with Neat—a lo-fi, punk band from Southern Louisiana. Neat’s unrelenting fuzzy sound and rich guitar harmonies bring us back to a time when bands like Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, and Sonic Youth were redefining rock music back in the early ‘90s. However, don’t let the fuzz and feedback fool you, because underneath the grungy soundscape are some really catchy and creative melodies. The affable and easy-going nature of the members in Neat is reflected in the lyricism of the songs, which you can check out in their music video for “I Don’t Want to Be Your Dad” . Be sure to listen to the interview below for an in-depth conversation on song-writing, future touring plans, and Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 4.