WRVU Presents: WBBQ


WRVU is hosting its first ever “WBBQ” event today from 1-4pm. Come down to Highland Quad to hear some nostalgic hits from rock n’ roll as you feast on some bbq! To get you all started, we have a playlist of some of the jams you will be hearing. But if you want to hear some real golden classics of the genre, tune in to WRVU from 2 to 3pm. Tell your parents! [Read more…]

Good Country People: Elvis Depressedly’s Quiet Growth


The south is strange and everyone’s always known it. Maybe that’s why some of the best music has always bubbled up from it. People have their own ways of dealing with things, which isn’t exclusive to the south of course, but southern people don’t like change, as the cliché goes. As music generally does, southern music takes on a lot of the characteristics of the environment it’s created in. Think of the twang of old country, the sparse emptiness that can stand in for anything from countryside desolation to sheer heartbreak. Screwed and chopped rap, pitched to the point where every lazy bass rattle thumps with its own measured certainty. The unabashed euphoria of D4L, of New Orleans bounce music, of Soulja Boy and the great tradition of the barbecue. There’s a reason NYC rappers shunned melody in rap for so long while Future and Young Thug practically warbled their way into other dimensions. The south is aware of its strangeness, and it doesn’t make amends of concessions for it.

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Aaron Carter to Anchor Down at Vanderbilt University

IMG_2094Only 90’s kids will remember: “hip-hop” heartthrob Aaron Carter was the coolest kid on the block circa 2000, and now he’s going to rock Block Party during homecoming week at Vanderbilt University. That’s right—twenty-seven-year old pop-prince Aaron Charles Carter is making a grand appearance on our campus on October 22 at 7:00pm, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Carter first started performing when he was just seven years old, and he opened for iconic boy-band The Backstreet Boys when he was only ten. Ever since his big musical beginning, he’s been busy making albums, touring, and performing. While we’re all familiar with his famous hits, such as “I Want Candy” and “That’s How I Beat Shaq,” here’s a list of things you might not know Aaron Carter has done:

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Kid Freud and Good Graeff Take on The End

For those of you who made it out to the show at The End last Thursday night- wasn’t it awesome? For those of you who weren’t there (and I know there were a lot of you), you missed one hell of a show. Three bands were scheduled to play that night: Kid Freud, Good Graeff, and Gunther Doug. While I had to head out before I caught Gunther Doug’s set, the other two bands really blew me away.




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