The Best Album You May Not Have Heard Of


Every semester on the WRVU DJ application we are asked, “What’s your favorite album that no one knows about?” For the last four semesters I have declared that The Samuel Jackson Five’s Easily Misunderstood is, in fact, that album. I realize that there are probably some of you who have heard it, but I hope after reading this that some of you will scroll down to the embedded Spotify link and experience the post-rock mastery.

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So, Wanna See a Concert for Free?


The title says it all – we are hosting a ticket giveaway for the Bo Burnham show at the War Memorial Auditorium on Monday, October 19! This is right after fall break, but why not have your break last just a little bit longer? In order to have a chance to win a free pair of tickets you must:

1) Download the new WRVU app on iOS or Android

2) Screenshot a picture of the newly downloaded app

3) Send that picture to

Stay tuned for several more fantastic giveaways in the coming months. If you have a suggestion for a ticket giveaway you would like to see, email and we’ll try to make it happen. Until then, happy listening and good luck!

Solidifying Their Signature Sound: Deafheaven’s New Bermuda

In 2013, Deafheaven rose to the top of many “best album” lists with their sophomore album, Sunbather, and much of that success came from their ability to connect in an emotional way with their audience in a way similar to that of post-rock.  From brilliant major-key peaks in distorted guitar bliss to ambient, shoegaze-influenced segments, Sunbather kind of made metal cool again.  Many people who never imagined themselves being into metal loved that album.  And now, after a few years, Deafheaven are releasing their third full-length, New Bermuda, with much anticipation.  You can listen to the stream of the album on NPR here.  The album is officially released on October 2nd.


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