WRVU Exec Talk About Their Summers in 11 Songs

Album covers for Janky, HAZARD DUTY PAY, Youth and Young Manhood, Mississippi Masala (Official Soundtrack), Can Mary Dood the Moon?, More Songs About Building and Food, You Can’t Kill Me, Nicole, La Ley Del Desierto/La Ley Del Mar, both of us/are u down, and Birdie, credited below.

The start of the fall semester is always a time of mixed feelings. On the one hand, the open days filled with traveling, figuring out your future, or anything in between are gone. On the other hand, the new semester brings new oppurtunities (for example, joining your college’s student-run alternative music radio station…).

So, in honor of the transition back to school, I asked our new executive board here at WRVU to pick a song that they think best encapsulates their summer break.

Here’s what they said:

Evan Monk – Station Manager

Janky Star album cover, True Panthers Records/Harvest Records, published under fair use.

On The Ground – Grace Ives

“This summer felt like a full-circle moment for me. I spent most of my time interning for two amazing companies in the music industry, constantly reminding myself that the path I’ve been on for the past few years has been worth it. When I started at Vanderbilt, I didn’t really know what career I was chasing – all I knew was that I loved music and entertainment. It was during this time that bedroom pop had me in a CHOKEHOLD. This summer I found myself revisiting the genre a lot, exploring what my favorite artists have been up to since 2019. This track is a great example of everything I love about bedroom pop. Without all the bells and whistles of mainstream pop production, Grace Ives thrives with her DIY flair and unmatched melodic sensibilities. 10/10.”

Henry Morrissette – Programming Director

HAZARD DUTY PAY single cover, Universal Records, published under fair use.


“This song worked its way into my rotation at the very beginning of the summer and stuck around mostly because I was obsessed with the energy. Even during my summer’s more boring moments I relied on it to boost the energy of any playlist. It helped blur the contrast between my super busy moments traveling around and my slow weeks interning in Alabama.”

Damian Ho – Blog Editor

Youth and Young Manhood album cover, RCA/HandMeDown Records, published under fair use.

Talihina Sky–Kings of Leon

“I spent a lot of time this summer road tripping between California, Colorado, and Texas, so every time I pulled into some tiny town in the middle of nowhere around sunset I would think about this song.”

June Kolentus – Music Director

Mississippi Masala (Original Soundtrack) album art, Exallshow Ltd., published under fair use.

KANDA YA NINI – papy tex matolu dode

“I was in Nashville this summer and spent my time working a lot! I had two jobs this summer- one at Chopper Tiki Bar and one at Radish Kitchen! The song I chose honestly doesn’t have much to do with that, but it was in my favorite movie that I saw this summer and it’s such a sweet joyful song so I fell in love with it and had it on repeat all summer long. Plus, now I’m working for Nashville Film Festival so a soundtrack song felt like a good pick.”

Sophie Kaiser – Music Director

Can Mary Dood The Moon? album cover, Psychic Hotline, published under fair use.

Shaking the Can – Peach Fuzz

“I spent the summer at Vanderbilt doing research and working at a coffee shop. Much like this song, my little Nashville summer was slower, mostly pleasant, but not without some ‘going insane so I walk in the rain alone’ moments. 😁”

Asya Azkin – Media and Communications Director

More Songs About Buildings and Food album cover, Sire Records, published under fair use.

Take me to the River – Talking Heads

“I spent the summer visiting family and friends in Istanbul, Turkey and swam in every river I could find.”

Adam Alwan – Media & Communications Director

You Can’t Kill Me album cover, G.O.O.D. Music, published under fair use.

Cocoon – 070 Shake

“I was at home for the summer, mostly working at Home Depot with my ridiculous coworkers and even crazier customers. I also was a camp counselor and went camping with my family. Overall, it was a really good summer. Because I didn’t really travel or do much, I spent a lot of time with myself, figuring out what I needed and wanted. This summer was a great time for self-reflection and I think I really blossomed and made progress to becoming who I want to be. It was a time to help me grow out of my cocoon. Haha. Get it…? Like the song.”

Elisa Park – Outreach Coordinator

Nicole album cover, 88rising, published under fair use.

Facebook Friends – NIKI

“Minus two weeks at the beginning, I stayed in Nashville and did research at Vanderbilt this summer. Spending so much time away from my hometown and longtime friends made me more introspective. This song encapsulates some of what I reflected on during walks as I tried to avoid melting in the humidity.”

Sophia Martinez – Training Director

La Ley Del Desierto/La Ley Del Mar album cover, Ariola Records, published under fair use.

Escuela de Calor – Radio Futura

“I played a normal amount of Guitar Hero over the summer and this song is a staple. I took a drive with my brothers where we listened to this song on repeat because the riff is just so catchy.”

Donyea James – Events Coordinator

both of us/are u down album cover, Ninja Tune, published under fair use.

Both of Us – Edit – Jayda G

“I spent most of the summer working and studying so I wasn’t doing much exciting, but this song is a Bop and everytime it came on shuffle just the intro would instantly make me so happy.”

GW Ruth – Events Coordinator

Birdie album cover, Lame-O Records, published under fair use.

Gold and Green – Slaughter, Beach Dog

“I spent my summer working at a little organic grocery and deli. I got to control the music in the store and played tons of Slaughter, Beach. While I wasn’t at work, I spent time with my friends in the great Maine outdoors enjoying the ocean and the forest.”

If you want to find out more about any of the lovely folks listed above, you can find their bios here.