Spring 2015

Fall 2014 Show Promos

Gentle Lentil, Sundays 1-2
Do you like lentil soup? Then tune in to Gentle Lentil on Sundays from 1-2!!

Off the Road, Sundays 3-4
Don’t forget to bring your map and compass every Sunday at 3pm to explore different musical destinations on “Off the Road” with Roshan Poudel.

The Lorax, Sundays 4-5

Back Atcha, Sundays 5-6
Sundays at 5pm central, get ready to get thrown back. We travel back in time by way of sampling. Back Atcha is a specialty show completely comprised of music sampled in hip-hop songs.  Find out where your favorite music finds its roots, with DJ Josiah, Sundays at 5pm central, on Back Atcha.

Blue Velvet, Sundays 6-7

Some Things Considered, Sundays 8-9

The VU Backstage, Sundays 9-10
The VU Backstage is dedicated to promoting the best musical talent Vanderbilt has to offer. Every Sunday at 9 central, tune in to hear a Vanderbilt student artist perform and be interviewed by DJ Zach Blumenfeld. If you want to listen to past shows or read interesting things about music, visit our website,

The Grind, Sundays 10-12

Chill Tsunami, Mondays 2-3

Mad’s Music, Mondays 3-4

scratches, Mondays 4-5
For your moody blue Monday afternoons, tune into scratches at 4 PM CST.

Animalistic Mind, Mondays 5-6

Stacks of Wax, Mondays 6-7
Getting into a routine can be boring. Everyone deserves a little variety to spice up their life. So spice up your afternoon with Stacks of Wax, a radio show that’s not afraid to be diverse. Playing everything from cool jazz to prog-rock to metal, tune in every Monday at 6PM on WRVU to add some flavor to your daily routine.

Wild Blue Yonder, Mondays 7-8
Mark your calendars WRVU listeners, for Monday at seven o clock PM. DJ Zach will be playing the best in house, techno, and beyond. Wild Blue Yonder is the name of the show, so tune in for brand new releases from artists that sound like Aphex Twin, Burial, Passion Pit, and everything in between.

Trail Mix, Mondays 8-10
If you’re looking for a contemporary folk sound and great lyrics, tune in to Trail Mix on Monday nights at 8pm. With the occasional throwback to the greats of the 60s and 70s, DJ Mandy plays a mix of folksy indie rock sure to make for a chill evening.

The Bundesrat, Mondays 10-12

Scenic Nowhere, Tuesdays 1-2

Four on the Floor, Tuesdays 2-3
Looking for your weekly dose of jazz music? Tune in to Four on the Floor with DJ Connor every Tuesday at 2 pm for big band, bebop, and everything that swings.

Middle School, Tuesdays 3-4

Kosmic Karma, Tuesdays 5-6

Tune City, Tennessee, Tuesdays 6-7
Hi! Are you a fan of music? No way same! I’m so glad we have something in common – I was afraid this was going to be super awkward. How’s abouts we uh go back to my place for some tunes? Oh not too far, just around the corner at Tune City, Tennessee, every Tuesday at 6pm with Logan, your personal music escort.

Getting’ Sweaty, Tuesdays 7-8
The lights are down low, that candle that turns into massage oil is lit, and clothes were yesterday’s problem. But somethin’ just don’t feel right. You can’t get into that groove. Looks like you need somethin’ to get you sweaty. Every Tuesday at 7, you can get sweaty with Heather and Travis. We won’t rush you into anything, but if you stick with us, we’ll have you screaming. It’s time you make Tuesdays your night in.

Diabeatus, Tuesdays 9-10
Good Morning!  I’m Brett and I would like to talk to you for a few minutes about Diabeatus.  Actually, about Diabeatus and how it affects you in your life.  Tune in on Tuesdays at 9 pm for all the experimental tunes in rock, hip hop, and electronic music that I have been diggin’ lately.  Thanks for your time.  Have a good day!

Cool Waves, Wednesdays 1-2
Ever feel like your Wednesday afternoons are spent wondering how you’re going to get through the rest of your hump day? Get over the hump with an eclectic mix of songs on Cool Waves, here on WRVU every Wednesday at 1PM central time. You’ll be glad you tuned in.

Heena Koona, Wednesdays 2-3
Your week is ridiculously busy. Monday and Tuesday have run you down and stolen your vitality. Tune into Heena Koona Wednesday afternoons to take a break! At 2pm I’ll be playing the sorts of songs that make you feel alive and ready to conquer the rest of the week.

Winding Road, Wednesdays 3-4

This Too Shall Pass, Wednesdays 4-5

Seahorses Forever, Wednesdays 6-7

Call it What You Want, Wednesdays 7-8
Call It What You Want: a new radio show that explores various genres of music from rock to indie and from alternative to metal. You can call it what you want, but this is sure to be one of your favorite new shows. Tune in at 7 PM Wednesday nights to see what it’s all about.

Judas!, Wednesdays 8-9

Whisper Shout, Wednesdays 9-10

The Midwest, Thursdays 10-11

The Unplugged Hour, Thursdays 1-2
Stressful morning? Get ready to relax this afternoon by listening to Unplugged Hour from 1 to 2 cst on Thursday afternoons. Let the acoustic guitar picking and refreshing melodies ease you into a less stressful afternoon.

Happy Sarah Fun Time, Thursdays 2-3

Shrimp & Grits, Thursdays 3-4

The Californians, Thursdays 5-6
Sandy beaches, Disneyland, avocados, and palm trees. All this and more on “The Californians.” Tune in Thursday nights at 5 for a range of music as eclectic as the state.

The Sports ReVU, Thursdays 6-7
There are only a few constants in the world of sports: The Yankees will always be the most hated team in baseball, the Lakers and the Celtics will always have the NBA’s most storied rivalry, and the Cleveland Browns will always be terrible. Now however, we can add one more constant to the list: Thomas, Dan, and Vivek filling Thursday evenings with in-depth analysis of and spirited discussion about the latest news in sports. Tune in every Thursday at 6 PM to hear these titans of sports talk radio on the Sports ReVU, now simulcasting on WRVU Nashville and VandyRadio.

Guitaristry, Thursdays 9-10

Under the Covers, Thursdays 10-11
Sick and tired of hearing the same five songs over and over? Probably not if you listen to WRVU. However, we could all use a chance to be reacquainted with some old musical friends. Tune in to Under the Covers Thursdays at 10 PM when cover artists are given the spotlight. Hear all your old and current favorites with a new twist.

CB Radio, Fridays 10-11
Breaker, breaker, Vandy bandits, this is a PSA down Route 41-A. If you love all kinds of music, from ’70’s rock to contemporary folk and bluegrass, take a detour on Fridays at 10 AM and tune in to CB Radio with your host, DJ CJ. We’ll roam the open roads without speed or genre limits, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Drive on, listeners; over and out!

Up the Partition, Fridays 11-12

The Entr’acte, Fridays 12-1
Need an intermission in your day? Tune into WRVU right in the middle of your Friday for The Entr’acte to experience the best of indie rock, pop, hip-hop, punk, synthpop, neo-soul, Cambodian psychedelic pop, post-jazz, or whatever genre DJ Nick Kline decides to throw at you. That’s The Entr’acte, Fridays at Noon on WRVU Nashville. Because we all need a little break.

The Rebelution, Fridays 2-4
When’s the last time you heard Foreigner and Fleet Foxes, Kanye West and Keane, or Lynyrd Skynyrd and Lily Allen–all in the same two hours?  When you tune in to WRVU on Fridays from 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. central, you get all these artists and more in the best mellow, upbeat, and underground mix on public radio.  You’re listening to “The Rebelution” with Rebecca Riley.  3:00-4:00 is call hour, so have your phone ready!  Don’t let another Monday go by without a visit from “The Rebelution” on WRVU.

Apple Q, Fridays 4-6
electro lights steeped in dark energy
vital mixed sound bites feed mad villainy
every Friday 4-6, kick it with apple q.
Instrumental and cerebral hip-hop and indie electronica, bringing you new and underrepresented faces and beat culture to get you into a Friday night groove.

Stairs, Fridays 6-7

Nostalgic Niceties, Saturdays 10-11
Do you love thinking of the good ‘ole days? Do you love that the perfect song can take you there? Then you’ll love Nostalgic Niceties, from the Beatles to the Backstreet Boys, listen to the songs that take you back to those fly and groovy times, every Saturday from 10-11 am.

Oo Baby, Baby, Saturdays 11-12

Two Cups of Coffee, Saturdays 12-1

Jukebox Jams, Saturdays 1-2
Ever in the mood for a good throwback?  If you like the old-school sounds of Boston, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, or AC/DC, then tune in to Jukebox Jams on Saturdays at 1 PM with Jamie Johnson for the best of classic rock and classic rock revival.

Eight Bit Choir, Saturdays 2-3

Eclectia, Saturdays 7-8