Mobile App Privacy

Here’s our mobile app privacy policy, in plain English. The apps don’t collect your personal information, so it’s pretty short.

The app does not require login, so we do not collect any information from our users (such as name, email, etc).

Our server keeps a log of requests for the blog or other content, same as if you visited us on These are not identifiable to a given user. We don’t know who sent the request; we just know that a request was made.

In order to diagnose crashes and improve the app, the following data is collected:

  • Analytics logging about interactions with the app, like “played audio.” No personal information is requested or collected.
  • Crash logs, which may indicate characteristics about your device like operating system version or device model.

The app makes use of Google Firebase services which generate a unique identifier for the installation of your app on your device. This identifier cannot identify you personally and is not shared with other apps or parties.