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Why You Should Be Listening to Remixes

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My favorite thing about electronic music is that possibilities for creating different instrumental tracks are endless. One thing that I do on a daily basis is find different remixes for a song and listen for new combinations of beats, chords and synth effects that mix well with the main melody. It’s definitely interesting, and it’s taught me a lot about different sound effects that I can incorporate into my own music.

Above all, listening to remixes is a lot like listening to a song for the very first time. Oftentimes, I will hear a song and wish that it were a little faster or slower, with a little more bass, or a few extra beats here and there. Remixes can make these ideas into reality, and it’s really cool to hear someone make variations to a song in the exact way that you had envisioned. Other times, a remix can show you a version of a song that you never expected would work. Either way, it’s a lot of fun.

Below are 10 of my favorite remixes/ covers (in no particular order)

Remixes of Four Tracks You Need

Photo courtesy of daily-beat.com

Alright, spring break is long gone, St. Patty’s Day has past, and Rites is a whole four weeks away, not to mention that the weather in Nashville has been the biggest tease ever, giving us 70 degree weather one day and then cold rainy weather the next. What is there to look forward to anymore??? Well don’t worry, I’ve collected some fresh new remixes for you all to listen to when you’re writing that essay or studying for that quiz. These tunes will get your spirits up and remind you that the weekend is never that far away.