10 Best Pop Punk Christmas Songs


Pop punk gets a lot of hate because, you know, it kind of sucks (for reasons why this statement is valid, please watch and enjoy this lovely vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9gvb2z1gCg).  Anyway, this reality doesn’t stop me from listening to the genre constantly.  Objectively speaking, I know I don’t have the best music taste, but pop punk songs are freaking adorable, so here are some of my personal favorite holiday songs from this genre (no covers included).

Since I suck at life and don’t have Spotify, here’s a good ol’ fashion list:


1.  I listen to this song all year round because I’m a Fall Out Boy fan, but now that it’s ~seasonally appropriate~, I get to make everyone else listen to it, too: Fall Out Boy – “Yule Shoot Your Eye Out”

“And all I want this year is for you to dedicate your last breath to me ….. Don’t come home for Christmas / You’re the last thing I wanna see underneath the tree”


2.  This is quite possibly the pettiest song ever, but it’s super funny despite it’s overt bitterness and cynicism.  Its explicit, problematic lyrics are offset by the surprisingly soft beat and catchy chorus.  Landon Tewers – “I Hope You Have a Sh***y Christmas”

“I hope you have a sh***y Christmas / I hope you’re eaten by a shark, I hope your cat develops cancer, I hope you get shot in the heart. / I hope you have an awful christmas / I hope you don’t get what you want / I heard a guy just gave you herpes / but at least you had some fun”


3.  I wasn’t sure how #basic I wanted to be with the bands I included in this, but it would be just plain wrong for this list not to embrace what is [arguably] the most seminal pop punk band EVER: Blink 182 – “Won’t Be Home For Christmas” and “Happy Holidays You Bastard”

“It’s Christmas time again / It’s time to be nice to the people you can’t stand”


4.  I know I said no covers, but this is my favorite band (I don’t know if they qualify as pop punk but whatever) so it doesn’t count: The Front Bottoms – “Christmas Wrapping”

“Merry Christmas; Merry Christmas / But I think I’ll miss this one this year”


5.  This is an amazing song, but be careful not to listen to the acoustic version unless you want to cry: The Maine – “Ho Ho Hopefully”

“We go together like the winter and this sweater / And she makes me feel, she makes me feel alive inside”


6.  Ok, this is the saddest holiday song ever and just thinking about it makes me thoroughly emo, but it’d be sacrilegious to not include it in this list: The Used – “Alone This Holiday”

“You throw the thought of us away / You’ll be alone this holiday”


7. Token disgustingly cute pop punk/pre-pubescent sounding song: The Ready Set – “Wishlist”

“Oh, did you ever think I’d come home? I couldn’t spend this night alone / Cause you’re number one on my wish list, baby”


8.  Token pop punk cutesy song: The Summer Set – “This Christmas”

“And as I look around / your eyes outshine the town, they do, this Christmas / The fire side is blazing bright / oh we’re caroling through the night”


9.  Token pop punk ~edgy&alt~ song: Set It Off – “This Christmas (I’ll Burn it to the Ground)

“This Christmas, I’ll burn it to the ground / This Christmas, Santa’s skipping town / This Christmas, everything will change when they see the flames / This Christmas Day”


10.  Lastly, the official best and most adorable pop punkish xmas song in existence: The Ready Set ft. NeverShoutNever – “Blizzard of ’89”

“If you were a snowflake, impossibly I’d be the same shape as you…. / Spilled coffee in the mornings, you still adore me / And that’s what I love about the cold nights / ’cause your jacket fits me, just my size.”