Chiiild is accompanying the release of their new album, Better Luck In The Next Life, with a nationwide tour. Starting in Santa Ana, California the tour will follow a cyclical structure, visiting Denver, Houston, and New Orleans before ending in San Francisco. On March 22, 2023, the artist appeared on the stage of Basement East. Although Chiiild is fairly new to the music scene, their talent, and dedication brought together a big passionate crowd.

The show opened with Isaia Huron, an emerging singer with approximately 370 thousand monthly listeners. Huron had a lively presence, not only encouraging the audience to sing along but also sharing a personal story about a breakup which helped him connect with people experiencing a similar situation on an emotional level. Despite being born and raised in South Carolina, Huron admitted that Nashville “is home” since he has spent the last five years here. This past Wednesday was his first time performing as a solo artist in Nashville – while on stage he mentioned that there was no better place than home to release his new album, LIBBIE, which came out this past February.

After a big round of applause, the lights shut down. Amid the darkness, two figures wearing headlights appeared and started playing an electric guitar and violin. The violin, and the cello–that was later used–had very distinct physical characteristics from their traditional wooden counterparts. The shape of their bodies was streamlined and modern in design, showing a wide range of acoustic effects such as distortion, delay, and reverb. The instruments were paired with an amplification system, which produced vibrant and unique sounds that made their music more impactful. Control of the volume and tone allowed the band to create a dynamic performance; the striking design of the instruments contributed to the overall excitement and energy of the show.

Cello, photo by Olga Konstantara

In a thick fog, with green spotlights casting a mysterious atmosphere and the crowd cheering, Chiiild kicked off the show with a slow-paced song Antidote.” As the concert proceeded, the songs became more dynamic, and the floor was vibrating from both the audience’s enthusiasm and the band’s energy. The venue was flooded with colorful flashing lights that facilitated a theatrical performance. During the last song, “Bon Voyage,” orange lights supported the lyric “under tangerine skies.” Before leaving the stage, Yonatan Ayl – the lead singer of the band – revealed that he was more than willing to sign the cover of records that were sold at the venue.


Chiiild, photos by Olga Konstantara

Better Luck In The Next Life masterfully combines a variety of different genres such as jazz, indie, and R&B to create a unique sound. Chiiild’s show in Basement East united people of different ages with an immersive experience that included modern, innovative instruments and a dynamic band performance. The concert undoubtedly left the audience energized, and excited for whatever Chiiild does next.

Listen to Better Luck In The Next Life here: