DJ Kentaro – Contrast (Ninja Tune)

Master spinner DJ Kentaro mixes one part two-step, one part DNB, one part hip-hop, and two parts electro in his fourth album under Ninja Tune. This mix is high-tempo, head-banging goodness, with “Kikkake” and “North South  East West”  rising above the rest in terms of the number of times I pulled an important muscle. Contrast is deep and progressive, futuristic and “Lapis Lazuli” interrupts the madness with a just beautiful, 100-feet underground groove. “Higher” features some lip=biting UK rap, “Big Timer” and “Fire is On”. Yup, this genre puts out more of the same each year, and while this album is superficially different, it is a also a very dense symposium of what we expect. Recommended for bassheads only (hip-hop enthusiasts, beware).

– Will Doran 4/18/13

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