Although eaJ (pronounced: eej; also known as Jae) is a beloved singer/songwriter/K-pop star by day, he has also been gaining traction through his Twitch streams by night, with his streams starring big names such as Pokimane, Ryan Higa, and Mark (from GOT7). Playing a variety of popular games from Among Us to Valorant, eaJ is a leading force in pioneering unexpected crossovers between the indie music scene and Twitch streaming community.

However, the most unexpected crossover of them all happened recently in a 3-hour Twitch stream of Among Us gameplay, starring singer-songwriter Keshi. About an hour into the stream, eaJ and Keshi spoiled parts of their newest upcoming collaboration. Although the spoiler train was cut short by the game coming to an end, fans were able to make out some facts about this upcoming track, “pillows,” including how this project will be lo-fi inspired with sound samplings from ‘toilet flushes’.

This upcoming collaboration with Keshi isn’t the first time eaJ has released songs outside of his K-pop group, DAY6. Since early 2020, eaJ has consistently released masterful pieces that evoke feelings of a broken heart, and his efforts have made him a rising star in his own right. Both his YouTube and SoundCloud accounts have seen steady growth in following since his initial project release. Below are a few of eaJ’s most popular songs to date.

“Pacman” (released: July 5, 2020)

Although “Pacman” is eaJ’s newest song, it has still found a way to become the most popular song he has released to date. On “Pacman,” he is in full control of his amazing voice, ranging from soft whisper to raw power, and using this to his advantage when translating the emotional turmoil of choosing between loving or leaving a partner that doesn’t love him back. The accompanying music video is also artfully crafted, acting as a perfect complement to eaJ’s heart-wrenching performance.

“It just is” w/ Seori, feat. Keshi (released: September 22, 2020)

The first official collaboration as part of the eaJ Project features rising artist Seori and Keshi (on his Stratocaster). On this love song, Seori’s deep, breathy voice works perfectly on its own, while also masterfully complementing eaJ’s soft whisper, which rings true with the song’s theme of loneliness that is only filled by the discovery of true love. eaJ has never released a solo song with Korean lyrics (yet?), so Seori’s Korean lyrics definitely bring something new to his project.

“50 proof” (released: April 2, 2020)

“50 proof,” notorious for being eaJ’s favorite song, is a melancholic and quiet song about rekindling the beautiful memories of past love. The simplicity of the lyrics speak volumes, making it a universal, yet heart-wrenchingly personalized experience for the listeners.

“Rose” (released: March 20, 2020)

The music video for “Rose” features one of the most exquisite uses of color in eaJ’s music videos yet. Floating from a dusty orange wasteland to a pastel purple reed field, the music video quickly throws the viewers into a pitch-black abyss that morphs into a fantasy green landscape. The fantastical elements of the music video are a stunning complement to eaJ’s surreal vocals.

“LA Trains” (released: January 16, 2020)

LA TRAINS is where it all started for eaJ, as this is his first song released as part of the eaJ Project. The song is simply executed, with a solo acoustic guitar to accompany his soothing voice as he sings about not wanting to forget a memory for how beautiful it was. An accompanying music video can be found on 88rising’s official YouTube account.

“Truman” (released: April 23, 2020)

Although rumored to be a song eaJ is disappointed by, “Truman” is still a fan favorite for its refreshingly upbeat melody and homage to The Truman Show, from which the song takes its name. Unlike other songs from the eaJ Project, “Truman” is one of the few that explicitly reference the singer’s experience as a globally-renowned artist, always being watched and scrutinized.

“LOVE IN MY POCKET (Remix)” – Rich Brian feat. eaJ

eaJ’s verse in this remix version of Rich Brian’s “LOVE IN MY POCKET” is a fun experimental dabble that sees the artist play with melodic rapping. The music video is also a fun glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of music video production.

These are far from all the songs eaJ has released thus far, but none of his other releases can be found on Spotify or Apple Music (at the moment). If any of these tracks stood out to you, make sure to check out his SoundCloud and YouTube accounts. You won’t regret it.