Electronic Trumpets from Brooklyn

You may be wondering, what kind of a name is Moon Hooch? Well, they are a trio of extremely talented musicians straight out of Brooklyn that specializes in something one could call “jazz fusion.” The genre right now is still just hitting the mainstream, but I wanted to put the spotlight on this group that I think, or at least hope, will make it big time.

I should probably specify what I mean by “make it big time.” These men are already quite successful, having gone to the prestigious New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. In addition, their debut album Moon Hooch, released in 2013, made it to number 9 in the Billboard Jazz Albums charts.

While they do have elements of a jazz band, I hesitate to classify them as jazz myself. They are definitely a little funkier and dancier, hence their genre of dance fusion. Their latest album, This is Cave Music, released in 2014, better encapsulates this feeling. In fact, some songs, such as “Mountain Song,” come across as more indie. In any case, you should take a listen for yourself:

In an interview, Moon Hooch showed their true colors as a creative force of nature. They actually got started by playing for money in the New York subway system – but this was separately. One day they all met up and their creative forces of nature combined to eventually produce what is now Moon Hooch. Michael Wilbur, the tenor sax, shed some light as to how their music sounds much more dance-y than ordinary jazz. “In the beginnings of the band I didn’t really enjoy playing the music. It wasn’t until I realized I could still express myself that I began enjoying playing dance music. Now I love it. I produce electronic music all the time.”

Unfortunately, Moon Hooch will not be stopping by Nashville in the coming months, but if you are in any of these cities, I would hope that you get the chance to make it to their show!