FIDLAR–FIDLAR (Mom + Pop Records)

FIDLAR stands for something we can’t say on the radio, but their music deserves to be played. This SoCal punk band runs on catchy vocals and riffs, muscular production, a slight surf rock influence, and debauchery. When these songs aren’t heavy, they’re catchy and carefree. Their sound is also massive for a home-recorded punk band, and it really separates them from their lo-fi peers. These songs have that incredible primal energy in spades, even the sunnier ones. It makes you want to raise a fist in the air and move around spastically without care for your surroundings. And who doesn’t want that? This is a must for punk fans and would work very well with a lot of local garage rock and punk in local rotation.

RIYL: The Black Lips, The Reatards, Punk/garage rock in general

-Nick Kline, 1/24/13

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