Five Songs to Get You Through Finals Week

Everyone who has ever gone through finals week knows that it is quite possibly the most stressful week of the semester. While at other times during the semester you may have a lot of competing interests, over finals week you need to have laser-sharp focus on the upcoming assessments. For some classes finals can be worth half of your entire semester grade or more, so the pressure is most definitely on. Now, given the extreme proximity of finals for this particular semester, I present you with five songs to help you weather the upcoming week:

keep-calm-and-survive-finals-week1.Tubthumping by Chumbawumba

Sure, the rest of the semester might have knocked you down, but now is the time to get back up again. We’re all tired after the work of the semester, but we can’t throw in the towel just yet. Chumbawumba is here to help you bounce back and power through this last trial before you go home for the holidays.

2. Be Okay by Oh Honey

Sometimes you just need to know that things are going to work out. Oh Honey is here to let you know that even though you’re currently drowning in your twenty five pages of biology notes you’re still going to be okay. Don’t put down the notes though. You’re still going to need them.

3. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

A motivational classic. I prescribe this song for any and all moments of extreme stress. Not only does it have an uplifting message, but it’s also going to take you back to your middle school and elementary days when you didn’t even know about the finals ahead of you.

4. Save the World by Swedish House Mafia

Who’s going to save the world? You. Because you’re absolutely killing these finals. Feel free to sing along and harmonize gloriously off-key because you know you’ve aced all of these tests. At this point why even worry? You’re everything a student could possibly aspire to be.

5. I Lived by One Republic

It’s over. It’s finally over. The best part-you survived. Whether this was your first round of finals or your fifth, there is no feeling that compares to this. Go home, hug your family, and forget everything you learned until you come back in January. You deserve it.