Four Months of Music: A Retrospective

As the school years comes to an end and finals begin to ramp up, it’s natural to think about everything other than academic responsibilities at hand. Naturally, it’s a time to dwell on memories, friendships, and, of course, our time here at WRVU. For me, this last blog post has got me thinking. While it’s incredibly sad I’ll be missing all my WRVU goings on for the next eight months, I’m beyond amazed at all the new stuff that’s been released in 2015.

As an ode to WRVU and this semester, I’ll be highlighting my ten favorite tunes of the semester, starting from the bottom (because Drake). If you happen to like electronica, check out some of the dopest of beats from early 2015 below.

#10: Tourist – Holding On (feat. Josef Salvat & Niia)

For real, what a track. The echoes between Salvat and Niia’s conversation are chilling. Not to mention Tourist’s impeccable layering of vocals, rhythms, and harmonies. Check it below.

9. Snakehips – Gone (feat. Syd)

Snakehips is undoubtedly one of my favorite artists on the scene right now. It’s always interesting to see what artists do in their transition from doing remixes to making original content. Though I wasn’t sure about it at first, this track is definitely one of my favorites so far this year.

8. What So Not – Gemini (feat. George Maple)

Ah, What So Not. After Flume announced his departure from the duo, I was fearful that any future releases would be a letdown. However, Emoh Instead has really proven his creative power in this track featuring George Maple. Racking up over a million Soundcloud plays in less than two weeks, “Gemini” has proven that Maple’s sultry vocals and What So Not’s soaring synths are a force to be reckoned with.

7. Kygo – Stole the Show (feat. Parson James)

If you know me at all, I have probably talked to you about how Kygo’s Nashville concert was the best night of my life on multiple occasions (for which I’m only somewhat sorry). Though it’s not the best of his work, Kygo’s “Stole the Show” is a great indication for Kygo’s upcoming solo album. For many remixers, the switch to solo stardom is a failure — but this doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone’s favorite Norwegian tropical house star.

6. Skrillex & Diplo – To Ü (feat. Alunageorge)

Although I cringed a little at the thought of Diplo partnering with a dubstep artist, the formation of Jack Ü has been one of my favorite duos of 2015. Coupled with Alunageorge, these three have produced a flawless track meshing the best of each’s talents: Diplo’s house production, Skrillex’s twisted bass, and Aluna’s chilling voice. If you’re ever in need of a pregame pump up, this is your jam.

5. Major Lazer – Lean On (feat. MØ & DJ Snake)

Yet again, another surprising mix up of artists yields a fantastic track. I wasn’t quite sure how MØ and Major Lazer could possibly collaborate, but this works, and it works well.

4. Tame Impala – Let It Happen

Despite being a bit of a shift from the songs listed above, Tame Impala’s new album has to be mentioned. My favorite track of theirs to date, “Let It Happen” whines on in a hypnotic blend of psychedelic

3. Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc (The Same x Lalitia Cover)

Not going to lie, I’m pretty unfamiliar with both of the artists who did this remix/cover. If you had any semblance of a childhood in the early 2000s, however, you’ll remember this song — and you’ll realize how incredible this remix is. It’s a perfect mix of Gorillaz nostalgia, soft vocals, and Teemid-esque remixing.

2. Tove Lo – Talking Body (Gryffin Remix)

I don’t even know what to say about the feels this song gives me. Though Tove Lo’s lyrics leave something to be desired, this remix does not. From the continuous build to the flawless chorus, this track is crafted by a remix deity. If this song doesn’t indulge your guilty pleasure for remixes of mediocre pop songs, I don’t know what will.

1. Jamie XX – Loud Places (feat. Romy)

The lyrics. The Chrome Sparks/Idris Muhammad sample. The xx. Everything about this song makes it the best thing to grace the music scene in 2015 — go listen now if you haven’t already.

And there you have it, folks. Though this list is clearly biased towards my personal music taste, it’s a snapshot of what’s to come in the remainder of 2015. Although my stint at WRVU is over for the remainder of the year, I feel #blessed that I got to be a part of bringing some of these tunes to our airwaves. Be sure and stay tuned in the fall — I’m sure you’ll be hearing many more fresh tracks from our upcoming DJs!