Sometimes the Silver Screen just isn’t enough. Some Actors can’t satisfy their creative drive with film alone, and turn to music to fill whatever void is left after fame and fortune.

These artistic endeavors range from laughably bad to surprisingly charming and anywhere in between.

Jeremy Renner

Most everyone knows actor Jeremy Renner, whether it is in the role of your least favorite Avenger, or the Academy Award winning film The Hurt Locker. However, few know that, starting in 2018, he has been pumping out music on a regular basis. While so far all his output has been poorly received, I’d argue there is something fun about a style that’s kind of like if your dad got really into the first Imagine Dragons album.

Be sure to check out Renner’s new album Live for Now if you are in the mood for that sweet early 2010’s pop rock sound.

Michael Cera

Michael Cera is beloved for his roles in film and TV such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Arrested Development, and Superbad, but his music career is criminally underrated. Cera has had two musical projects. The first is a band with his fellow actor Clark Duke, “The Long Goodbye”, that faded into obscurity with its host platform MySpace. The second is a more recent solo project simply called “Michael Cera.” Michael Cera has only released one album in 2014 and then a single in 2017 and much like Cera, they are strangely endearing. The genre is a mix of lo-fi folk with some acoustic and synth instrumentals thrown in. My favorite track is “Best I Can (feat. Sharon Van Etten)”, and you should check it out if you want some twee synth pop.

Unfortunately there is no word on upcoming projects, but I would love to see more from him in the future.

Vin Diesel

Star of the Fast and Furious Series and personification of a muscle car, Vin Diesel, recently added musician to his lengthy resume. While on break from his usual movie grind due to COVID-19, Vin Diesel partnered with EDM producer Kygo to release his newest single “Feel Like I Do.” There’s a lot of surprising stuff happening these strange days, but I think the biggest one so far was getting a Tropical House track from the “I am Groot” guy. All things considered, it’s not too bad, but you could argue that being exceptionally unremarkable is almost worse than being exceptionally awful.

See his actual musical debut from back in 2013.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy, Courtesy of Britannica

Eddie Murphy is an undisputed comedy legend whose surprisingly successful music career is often forgotten. Eddie Murphy has released two albums, How Could it Be in 1985 and Love’s Alright in 1993. The Rick James produced track “Party All the Time” which peaked at number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 was Murphy’s breakout hit. Some critics consider it one of the worst songs of all time, but I would argue it is one of the quintessential songs of the cocaine fueled 80’s.