Little Known Classics: Rhymes & Reason

Photo of MC Tree Courtesy of Rhymes & Reason

I’m a Chicago kid. Born in the city and raised on the Southside. It’s what I know, it’s what I rep, it’s the place I love and call home. We get a bad rap on the national media for the violence, the public schools and the corruption (at least, in part, rightfully so) but all in all, I’m proud of where I’m from. So when something good comes out of where I’m from, I have to bump it.

Rhymes & Reasons is a website intent on documenting the influence of hip-hop on people’s lives. The focus is often on Chicagoans. They feature essays and have photos on the site but what really catches is the interview section which features artist and academics speaking on their experience in growing up with hip-hop. The MC Tree Interview is an insightful look at one of Chicago’s oft overlooked but consistently dope rapper/producers.

Tree dropped Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out last year and he’s worked with and produced for Chance the Rapper. Catch his video for Devotion off Sunday School II below.

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