Motherland – Apollo Cobra (Rocketsnake)

Apollo Cobra’s second album revives 80s disco/dance music with startling fidelity, for better or for worse depending on your taste.  Motherland has a few catchy beats (‘Motherland’ and ‘Pissed’ in particular), loads of synthesizers, and ridiculously cheesy lyrics an vocals.  “Shut Up” actually centers on variations of “shut up, I want to make out with you.”  Put a few of theses tracks on a playlist with a Flight of the Conchords CD and you wouldn’t notice the difference, but in terms of their genre the funk-tinged “Feel Like It”, “Motherland”, and the instrumental “pissed” knock it out of the park.  The propulsive centerpiece “This Is” is the real triumph its best, “Motherland” sounds like the album Yeasayer meant to make this year.  Absolutely play this if you’re into electronic dance music.

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