We are all Modular’s People

Upon finding out that Tame Impala had released a new single for their upcoming album (whose name remains unknown), I just had to jump at the chance to see them (again) on their new tour. A friend asked me, how did you know about Tame Impala so early on? I thought about it for a little bit until the light bulb went off on my head. My answer was: Modular People.

I remember going on YouTube one day in the middle of high school and seeing this channel being featured. I clicked on it and my, was it magical. Modular People, which is technically formally known as Modular Records, is an Australian-based recording label. The artists they sign are all incredibly unique, but have some sort of mystical “down-under” quality to them that stands out to me. Besides Tame Impala, which is probably its most successful signing, Modular People has signed some incredible talents that I would like to take the time to introduce to you lovely readers.

1. Cut Copy

This electronic band formed back in 2001 in Melbourne, but is still going strong today. They’re upbeat, “indietronica,” and consistent in their style, but have adapted over the years. Their most recent album, “Free Your Mind” is a little more psychedelic than their original dance tunes off “Bright Like Neon Love” but both are magnificent albums. Fun fact is that Cut Copy was first produced by another Modular People great: The Avalanches.

2. The Presets

Also an electronic band (okay so I guess Modular really enjoys electronic, synth-y music), the Presets have a distinct aura to them. They are a bold in their delivery, almost punk in some regards, but nonetheless a blast to dance around to. The duo creates some powerful music, like the kind you would listen to before a battle or if you’re pissed off in the middle of a traffic jam. Take a listen:


Taking a step away from the electronic scene, Wolfmother is a hard rock band that has truly set itself apart from the usual alternative rock. They’re vocals can be described as a little “queasy” sometimes, but overall I think it compliments their heavy distortion and swift drumming. I find their self-titled album to be their best work, but their last release titled “Cosmic Egg” gained the most publicity.


There are some other wonderful Modular acts such as Bag Raiders, Canyons, Van She, and The Avalanches that you will be glad you checked out. They can all be found here for your convenience.